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Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Realtor Before Selling Your Home

kansas city realtorWhether you’re a first time home seller or this is the fourth house you’ve sold, it’s important that the relationship you have with your realtor is a trusted and respected one. To be honest, sometimes your realtor can feel like your BFF or even therapist (by no means are we saying we’re qualified to be your therapist, FYI. BFF? Totally possible.) We would love to be the Kansas City realtor you choose for all your home needs, but really, we care more about you finding the right one. So here are some questions that would be good for you to ask to ensure you’re making the right choice.

How long have you been an agent?
Don’t instantly write off an agent who is in their first year (especially if they’re working under a very experienced team lead, like Dani Beyer!), but there can be some reassurance that comes with some years under their belt.

What are your stats or track record?
This answer can help ease your mind about the first question. If the agent is in their first couple years but is killing the game, their “greenness” may not be as much of a concern.

What’s your buyer vs. seller ratio?
Depending on your real estate need, this is a great question to ask. If the realtor is part of a team, they most likely have specialists that will put your mind at ease if you’re the buyer or seller (or both!). If you’re a seller, and you’re interviewing a solo Kansas City realtor, it could be a concern if they’ve mostly just helped clients buy homes.

How do you plan to market my home?
You need to know what the plan is as a seller. If it’s a hot market with low inventory (like the past couple years in Kansas City), there may not be a lot that has to be done from a marketing standpoint. Either way, there should be a detailed plan, and it should be followed through.

Have you sold homes in this neighborhood?
If an agent has already sold homes in your neighborhood, that’s a major plus. They know the community, the HOA benefits, the vibe and how to market the area. We just so happen to have a few neighborhoods under our belt – check out the guides we’ve created here!

Do you have some referrals or reviews you could share with me?
A successful realtor will have no problems getting clients and colleagues to speak on their behalf. Do your homework and check out their Google, Zillow and social media reviews!

dani beyer real estate

This is a short list of many questions you could ask, but just remember that this is a big decision, and you deserve answers if you’re going to entrust a potential stranger to become your BFF AND sell your home. And these are just questions to ask before you enter a contract with your Kansas City realtor. There’s an entire separate list to ask once that contract is signed. Stay tuned for that in the near future.

And to help you get ahead on that interview with us, check out this video to see what makes Dani Beyer Real Estate unique and one of the top Kansas City real estate teams in the metro.


Jarrett & Jennifer Dunn

We’ve contracted with Dani Beyer’s office to both sell our current home and buy (new build) our future home. Dani’s office has been amazing to work with and our buyer’s agent, Sarah Montgomery is quite simply perfection in a real estate agent.

Our buying process is lengthy because it is for a new build and Sarah’s consciousness and detail oriented nature has saved us numerous times. She pays attention to every little detail and remembers it (just in case you forget). She’s incredibly responsive to email, phone calls, and texts. And is the perfect combination of sweet and steel (you need this for your realtor!).

We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Dani’s agency, specifically with Sarah Montgomery. We HIGHLY recommend both!

Sean & Ashlyn Stone

We worked with Desi at Dani Beyer during our recent home purchase. Desi was always available for our questions and would meet us ASAP when a home became available that we were interested in. She got us a home in a great location for a great price! Thanks Dani Beyer Real Estate!

Phil & Heather McNaughton

We entered the market to buy our new home at the worst time, heading into winter, with limited inventory and lots of other eager buyers. Dani and her team were highly recommended from friends, so we signed up and started shopping. The next 6 months were a whirlwind of ups and downs, with countless showings trying to find the “right” place, and lots of offers being written. Like so many buyers in this crazy sellers market, we were beat out on many houses. We managed to get under contract with one early on, only to find out during inspections that it was a nightmare. Multiple showings and offers later, we finally found the home that was just right for our family. Through all of this, Desi was at our side. She spent countless days, evenings, and weekends driving all over the KC area to show us homes. She was always quick to answer our never ending barrage of text messages and phone calls, day or night. Once we got under contract, for the last time, Desi went out of her way to make sure everything went our way. In the end, she did more work for us than anyone should expect of their agent. Never did we feel pressured or unappreciated. She kept a positive attitude and kept us charging forward even when we were ready to give up and crawl in a hole. She truly became a trusted partner and friend during this process. I’d say our family is going through some separation anxiety after our closing, since we don’t talk to Desi 5 times a day anymore. 🙂 We were very fortunate to have Desi and the rest of the team on our side. Finding good customer service is often difficult in today’s world, but rest assured this team will put you first when you work with them. Thank you Desi for everything. Someday we’ll sell this one and move on to the next. Hope you are ready for that call!

Brittany Strohm

Dani Beyer and her team were wonderful to work with. They were attentive to my needs, prompt to respond to all questions and concerns and negotiating closing costs for my new house. I would recommend them to anyone!

Sarah Davis

What an amazing agency from start to finish! My agent, Sarah Montgomery, was an absolute delight to work with! She was with me every step of the way and answered my endless questions with ease. SUPER responsive whether it be through phone, text, or email. This was my first time buying a house and they made it a breeze! My agent negotiated the best price, closing costs, and was extremely knowledgeable in what to ask for and what to stand firm on. I felt like I had an ally and friend by my side while going through the process of buying a home, which can be a very daunting experience! But not so with Sarah, she made it all manageable and FUN even! I know it sounds like I am gushing but I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Dani Beyer Real Estate’s whole team and appreciate all of their time and expertise.

Chris Nichols and Natalya Hobdell

We just bought our first home and we couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant experience!! All thanks to our lovely agent Desi and the team! They were very responsive and answered every little question we had through the whole process. We had no idea where to start when buying a home and they helped us so very much and gave us honest up front answers on everything!! Thank you, thank you!!

Doug and Lynn Sisk

Wow, so much to say. We had a nightmarish experience with the sellers delaying and then ultimately not showing up to closing. Desi was our agent and was right there every step of the way. She was assuring and professional and got us into another house quickly and painlessly the second time around. She had top recommendations for everything from inspections to an attorney (for the first house) Will definitely call her when we are ready to do this again. Highly recommend this team

David Fonseca

Sarah Montgomery made home buying easy. We went from initial phone call to closing in three weeks! Sarah’s friendliness, research and know how made the process smooth. She has continued to follow up with us after the sale. That’s one great agent. Thanks Sarah.

Tim and Denise Sanders

Dani and her team are true professionals! Our agent Sarah was so easy to work with and helped make our transition from out of state very smooth. They took care of everything and even did our closing for us as we were still on the road with our Uhaul. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with our experience working with the entire Dani Beyer team! Thanks again!

Sam & Dena Desue

We highly recommend Dani Beyer and her entire team! We needed to sell our house ASAP, and Dani made her self available to assess her house the very next day. She’s very knowledgeable in the area of North Kansas City, and priced our house well above what we thought we would get it. It sold the first day! Her staging team and photographer were top notch, and made our house show ready! Dani and her entire team were very attentive to all of our questions and responded back quickly! Great customer service, knowledge, expertise and professionalism!!

Eric Juul

Dani handled every detail of the sale of my house excellently. As a result it sold in 2 days . She sold the house for more than she promised. Under promise over deliver. Her strong and experienced staff took care of it all. I was extremely happy with their performance.

Dylan Kilgore

The experience I had with Dani Beyer was incredibly quick and painless. My realtor Desi made sure everything was taken care of and negotiated in my favor. She continually checked in on us and made sure we really knew everything we were getting into. We stumbled upon Desi accidentally, but are so grateful her and her team helped us get into our dream home.

Karen Peterson

Our real estate agent is Desi Kerr. She was very knowledgeable in her field, and did everything to help us out. Anytime we had questions, she was right on it, and answered our questions immediately. I truly trust her. She was an absolute doll to work with. If you need a truly trustful real estate agent, please give her a call.

Shane Phillips

My experience with Dani Beyer was Fantastic. My Agent, Desi, made my home buying process as simple and stress free as you can possibly get. She always replied in a quick and timely manner when I texted or called with questions and was extremely knowledgeable when it came to her responses. I would highly recommend Dani Beyer for anyone looking to purchase a new home.

Jill Arnold

Den Martinez was my Real Estate Agent, who helped me find my dream home. She was very knowledgeable, and patient. She wasn’t just out to make a sale, or force me into purchasing something, I didn’t like. She stood in the gap for me, during the negotiation process. She made herself available, for all of my phone calls and text messages. Den, was very responsive, throughout the whole process. She was pregnant during the time, we were shopping around for houses, and the day we closed on our house, she delivered her baby, which still didn’t stop her from checking in with us. At that time, her wonderful team at Dani Beyer’s Real Estate, stepped right in to assist. They didn’t miss a beat!

Jeremy Swope and Nikki Hotmer

Sarah Montgomery helped my fiancé and I look at many homes and put offers in on a few. My fiancé was a prior homeowner but I had never been though the process. She sat down with us and explained step-by-step on what to expect throughout the entire purchasing process. That was good for me as a first-time buyer and a great refresher for my fiancé. Sarah was kind and knowledgeable. She was very responsive, even on nights and weekends. Sarah was always 100% professional and always made our interests a priority.

Paul & Leah Jackson

What a great experience. Sarah stuck with me through it all. I began to wonder if she thought I would ever find a home I was happy with but never did she let that on lol. Very responsive, very helpful regarding questions I had with the home buying process and always made herself available. Such a smooth process all the way to closing. Thank you Sarah and the Dani Beyer team. 3 Months in our house and we still LOVE IT!

Jesse and Ivon Hernandez

I highly recommend Sarah Montgomery with Dani Beyer. She is very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help us find our home. She always had time to respond to any questions we had. If I could giver her 10 stars, I would.

David and Ivy Andrews

Dani’s team, specifically Desi, our buyers agent, did a phenomenal job at communicating and guiding us through the home buying progress. She always was there when we had questions and was professional the whole way through. Would recommend to anyone needing to buy a house.

Rebecca Johnson

I was purchasing an investment property in KC from three time zones away in Alaska and had no connection to any of the realtors in the area. I did some online research and found the professionals at Dani Beyer. I feel so lucky AND grateful to have found Sarah Montgomery as my agent. Sarah and I viewed several properties through the miracle of FaceTime and downloaded videos. Sarah was always extremely responsive and I was usually able to see the property in less than 24 hours. We found a sweet little property that we are really happy with. The offer and closing process was super smooth. We can’t thank Sarah enough.

Darold and Sonia Johnson

Dani and her team did an amazing job helping us sell our home. We needed to sell our home quickly due to an out of state move. Dani and her team walked us through process, answered every question we had and made it a stress free process. Our house was in good hands and we were able to focus on our pending moving. Dani knew the real estate market for our area and was able to help us get exactly what we wanted for our house. I highly recommend Dani Beyer Real Estate.

Glenn & Margo Simon

We really loved the experience that we had with Dani Beyer real estate. We always felt that they were on top of the process and kept us very informed. They were very helpful with managing follow through with our lender, negotiating our price and made the process of very smooth one for us. We really appreciate them!

Matt Peddie & Jessica Heimes

Rochelle was very helpful throughout the process of looking and buying. After the inspection she was able to help with getting estimates to understand how much items could cost. That was helpful for negotiations. Dani listed our house and the house was under contract in three days.

Shawn & Becky Bates

Where do I begin?? Well, how about spring 2018, in our car, somewhere in the mid-Ohio area, as we were driving from Connecticut to the Kansas City area to drop my partner off for his new job which was moving us to the midwest. I was going out with him for a few days to get him settled in to his rental and to check out the area. We’d just gotten word that our house in CT was under contract and we now – OMG – had to find a place in Kansas City.

Naturally, I looked on Zillow to see who had the best reviews and Rochelle popped up to the top of the list. I reached out to her by email saying “yeah so we’ll be in town tomorrow and are wondering if you can show us some houses” thinking she’d read the email, laugh, and delete it. Nope. She IMMEDIATELY responded and said she’d love to help us. “Send me some of the listings you’re interested in and I’ll get it all set up.” She literally did this in a day, and was ready to meet us first thing in the morning on the day we arrived (which, if I recall, was a Sunday). She was efficient, knowledgeable and so friendly – I felt like we were in amazing hands and wasn’t at all stressed even though we were moving across the country and needed to find a house in one of the hottest markets around, in less than one month. (EEK) Rochelle made sure to understand what we were looking for and was fine chauffeuring us ALL OVER Kansas City to see properties.

When I say all over, I mean it. She didn’t push us to one area or another, and she seemed to know a bit about all the towns which helped us narrow down our search parameters. During this first visit we saw several properties and she helped us understand what we’d be dealing with in the KC market. It’s VERY different from Connecticut where houses move slowly (in our area, anyway). It was clear that once we found a house we liked we needed to move fast. We didn’t land on any decisions on that first visit but I flew back out about two weeks later and we did another two days of intensive house hunting.

We made an offer on one in Kearney about three days after it went on the market but lost out to one of the other many offers that came in at the same time. We made another offer on a home in Bonner Springs, KS that we ultimately withdrew because another house in Pleasant Hill, MO came onto the market that was perfect. Rochelle drove the one hour down to meet my partner at the home on pretty much a moment’s notice, and worked with him to put an offer in immediately. We had to compete with six other offers, but ended up getting the house!

Rochelle was amazing – she did so much legwork to make sure everything that needed to be done was done to perfection. And she was night and day as far as responsiveness and tenacity when compared to the “top” realtor who had listed our house in Connecticut. We loved working with Rochelle and I absolutely cannot say enough good things about her. Five stars is not enough!

Loren Gray

I recently sold a house and bought a new one at the same time. I’m not even sure who to say would be my primary contact as I really worked with the entire team I think. I mostly worked with Dani and Melissa on selling my previous home. Sarah got me most of the way through purchasing a new one and then Rochelle took over before closing. They were all great. I really appreciated Dani when it came time to negotiate during the selling process. Everyone was really responsive to texts when I had questions and would be able to have a quick call when I needed a little extra time or information. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision to buy a new home and I’m very happy with the outcome!

Sterling & Cassie Rowe

Dani and team were exceptional!! We had a specific date we wanted to list our home, we reached out to Dani three months prior to that date, she never rushed us. She didn’t neglect us either, she touched base without pressing. Dani knew the neighborhood well, as she’s sold several houses. Dani went on vacation and Melissa stepped in. Melissa never missed a beat. She would respond to calls and texts immediately. When we received an offer, Dani stepped in to help out to get us the best deal. I look forward to working with them again when we decide to purchase our next home!

Marc Huber

I may be biased in review, my agent was my favorite high school art teacher, but I highly recommend working with the Dani Beyer team. The team members I worked with were everything I would’ve asked for as a first time home buyer, and more.

Anthony & Jamie Bianchi

Can’t say enough good things. We worked with Rochelle and she stuck by us throughout the entire process. Our situation was unique in that we were relocating to KC and had a short window of time to find something. She blocked off her schedule and helped us find our dream home. Her expertise on things to look out for when viewing a home as well as her insight into the various areas was invaluable for us newbies.

Nate & Brandi Schile

We ran into a few bumps in the process, but Dani helped make it all manageable. During the buying and selling process, I had a newborn, which added an extra layer of stress. Dani was extremely helpful in all aspects from staging to making repairs and always has solid recommendations for nearly every home service. Even after the transaction portion is completed, she will check on you to see how things are going. Is a Forever Realtor a thing? Because that’s Dani Beyer.

Matt & Sabrina Persinger

Dani has always been responsive to our questions and concerns. She has remained engaged long after we purchased our first home. Providing guidance on areas to best improve home value to assist with the future sale of our home in the coming year

Chad & Candace Stracener

Dani Beyer and team were great throughout the entire process of selling our home, from staging and photography to walking us through the listing and ultimately sorting out the pros and cons of several offers. The team was always available and happy to answer questions.

Ryan & Kaylin Turnbull

In working with Dani selling our home and buying a new home, I was impressed with her knowledge of the market and since of urgency. She even helped us find a buyer for our home!

Scott and Krissy Ackerson

Dani helped us move our previous house and made finding and purchasing our current home a pleasurable experience. Something I never experienced with previous realtors.

Dale and Kerrie Richardson

Very professional team would recommend to anyone! You want a team that can handle any issues that comes up and they did just that. For us it wasn’t just selling our house but finding the house that we wanted to buy.

Clayton and Elizabeth Turner

Dani and her team did an excellent job helping us sell our home and build our new one. Got us more than we were asking. Only issue was we sold too fast!! Build went smoothly with her looking over it as well. Since using Dani for our home, I have referred her out numerous times, and everyone has raves about her and how hard she works to meet their needs as well. Best team out there!

Heidi Anderson

Rochelle found exactly the house I was looking for in the perfect location. She was always available and is definitely an expert in helping buyers negotiate to get the best deal. With houses selling so fast right now she was excellent in getting me in to to see them quickly so I wouldn’t lose out. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

Phillip Johnson

I thought overall the experience was good. My relator was helpful in helping me look at homes and explaining the whole process to me. They will provide you 1 or 2 people from their “preferred list” for the home inspection and lending. I would recommend shopping around and not immediately taking either. I was able to find a home inspector for $100.00 less of what was quoted from their preferred person. I had my own lender from the start. I think my realtor was a bit overzealous with my lender, but she was just doing her job. If you’re trying to do a VA loan with a condo and the condo is not approved, you will most likely meet resistance with this realtor. They want to push the sell as quickly as possible and not wait on the VA. In the end, I got what I wanted so I can’t complain. The realtor was good at answering my questions and working with my schedule to show me places (even on weekends). I would go to them again.

Camila Gumati

I can’t say enough good things about this team! They are such a pleasure to work with and make the home buying experience as smooth as possible. They are truly experts in their field.

Rhys & Neely Gay

This is the second time we have bought and sold with Dani and she is first class all the way. She is responsive and is very knowledgeable about KC and the market. We put our second home on the market at a odd time and even though it took longer than expected we never lost our confidence in Dani and her team. We ran the risk of two mortgages and she promised that she would not let that happen… and she DELIVERED. She is our life long realtor (like part of our family) and you don’t find that very often

Clint & April Black

We were very impressed with the service and attention to detail that Dani and her staff. The quick response we got whenever we had a question was something that my wife and I really appreciated. We would absolutely use them again if needed, and would 100% recommend them to anyone.

Chandler & Katy Bowser

This is the second home we have sold. Dani and her team made this process seem so easy and effortless. They answered all of our questions very promptly, and gave great suggestions to make the sale of our home an stress free process. I would recommend Dani to anyone and if we are to ever sell our home again she will be the realtor we go with.

Tim & Megan Ritter

The team did a great job walking us through the process and setting realistic expectations. They were always professional and did nothing to make us question their honesty. We selected the team between 4 realty teams and went with them because they took time to understand what our goals were and tailored a strategy around them. They seemed less interested in turning around a quick sale. At no point did I question their effort to sell the house. We had multiple open houses and stuck to our original plan. They also have a team of great resources to work with that make the entire process easier.

Sarah Majors

Dani Beyer and her team are the BEST agents in the KC area! My home sold within the first week with multiple offers. It could have sold the first day for asking price but she continued taking offers for a couple of days and because of that my home sold for more than asking price. Dani knows this market and how to get each client the best she can! Her and her team were always quick to respond to any questions I had along the way. Additionally there were some plumbing issues that occurred after I moved out but prior to the buyer moving in and Dani and her team took care of everything! If you are looking to buy or sell be sure to give her team a call, you will not be disappointed!

Jeff & Lisa Daniels

Rochelle was our agent and when we met her we told her we didn’t know much about buying a house. We told her what we want and what we didn’t want and our budget and she found us the perfect house. It took sometime based upon how fast houses were being bought in the market but she kept reassuring us that she will make sure she finds us exactly what we were looking for and she did. After meeting her 4 weeks later we were under contract under budget and in the neighborhood we wanted to be in.

Aaron Hollingshead & Sarah Kipping

Rochelle did an amazing job of working with us on our first home. We found our house on Zillow and wanted a realtor to help us navigate the buying process and we couldn’t be happier that we were referred to Rochelle. She gave us answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask and was always in touch along the way to keep us updated. Her negotiation skills were top notch – keeping our best interests in mind at all times. From touring the house, to the inspection, to the final walk through Rochelle was with us every step of the way. Overall she is super friendly and easy-going which made the whole buying a house less stressful.

Andrew Brainerd

I was treated very well and pleased with both Dani and Rochelle. As a first-time home-buyer, Rochelle was very patient and walked me through the entire process and was available to answer questions at anytime. Their attention to detail and responsiveness is also impressive, often texting and calling during nights and weekends. For being a new client, I felt like I was treated like a friend or family member. I highly recommend Dani Beyer Real Estate!

Brian McEnroe and Jessica Fish

We were buying a house for the first time and the process could not have went any smoother. Rochelle was very friendly, kept an open line of communication, very informative during showings, and was able to help us through all phases without any issues. Rochelle even offered to pay out of pocket to have our deck fixed after the sellers misunderstood what we wanted fixed. Our daughter absolutely loved Rochelle as well. Our daughter was just as excited as we were on each visit to a new house but only because Rochelle would be there showing us the house.

Shelby Courtright

I worked with Rochelle to purchase my first home, and I only have positive things to say! She was quick to respond to all of my questions, provided open and honest guidance, and helped me learn about the entire process. Buying a house for the first time, I really had no idea what I was doing, and Rochelle guided me through every step.

Erin Ramsey

I had the best experience with Dani Beyer Real Estate. When I first decided to list, they set me up with someone to help with home staging in order to make my home the most appealing. My house sold extremely quickly for above asking! Dani worked very quickly to negotiate a closing date, and then we got to work looking for my new home. I was on a bit of a tight timeline, but they met me all over town to look at homes that I wanted to see. They helped me formulate strong offers and worked day and night to get information back and forth. When I finally had my offer accepted on my dream home, the team worked seamlessly with both lenders and all the other people involved in the process. This is my second home and it went SO much more smoothly with Dani and her team than my first home buying experience! I cannot say enough about how well the Dani takes care of her clients. I always felt listened to and always felt like they were working hard just for me! I would highly recommend Dani Beyer and her team to anyone looking for a home- especially if this process makes you a little nervous like it does me! They will take care of you the whole way!

Tyler and Francesca Barnes

Our real estate agent, Casey Kuska, gave us phenomenal attention and expertise. He cared about our investment and did everything he could to make our real estate search fun and efficient. We highly recommend Casey.

James & Trish Bengtson

We moved from out of state and Rochelle made everything as seamless as possible. She was on top of everything, and helped us find a house quickly in a limited far moving market. It was amazing how easy the whole process was from house hunting, to finding financing, to closing.

John and Annette Talbot

Dani Beyer was extremely knowledgeable about the northland especially. We appreciated her expertise. Although the home staging expert had more recommendations than we decided to implement, Dani was candid about the options we had for pricing. When it came time to negotiate, I was very impressed. We truly appreciated having a team. We had to do radon mitigation and were able to do this at a reasonable price with her assistance.

Matt Sanchez and Hollie Thompson

Our experience with Dani Beyer Real Estate was perfect! We could not have found a better team to help us find our 1st home! They were very skilled and took us through the process step by step and made us feel very comfortable and almost like family.

Jason and Leslie Eidson

I’ve been working with Dani Beyer over the past 4 years and I can honestly say that I’m very impressed with the level of knowledge and exceptional customer service I have received. I’ve attended numerous annual client appreciation events that were very well planned and overall very good networking opportunities. We also receive frequent newsletters with great home maintentance tips each season! Recently my local municipality reassessed the value of our home at an astonishing 14% increase. I reached out to Dani for help and she quickly pulled a few price comparisons of homes in my neighborhood to assist with contesting the counties assessment. Thanks to Dani, I was successful in my appeal and didn’t have to spend $300 on an appraisal! Dani and her team are highly recommended if you are looking for a quality real estate agent. Their commitment to customer service is absolutely outstanding and they do an amazing job at staying in touch with their clients! Thanks Dani, for all your help and expertise over the years.

Jared Cline

I highly recommend Dani Beyer Real Estate for all of your real estate needs. I recently worked with Rochelle to find and purchase my first home when I was moving to Kansas City, which is five hours away from my hometown. Rochelle was able to walk me through potential properties via FaceTime and send all documents electronically to help me compete with other buyers in a sellers’ market. Dani’s team is professional, knowledgeable about where to live in Kansas City, hard-working, and most of all, patient. Rochelle showed me numerous properties and was able to point out pros and cons I would not have considered with this being my first home purchase. I was never pressured to submit an offer or make a quick decision. I will certainly enlist Dani’s team in the future for more real estate transactions.

Ali Korkmaz

I worked with Rochelle Townsend from Dani Beyer Real Estate. I moved from SoCal and didn’t know the KC neighborhoods as much as a local would. Rochelle understood our family’s needs and wants really well as we were moving to Kansas City and guided and helped us. She was very flexible and helped in every step of the home buying process. We started from a big list and narrowed down to the perfect home for the family. Finding the right home is not an easy task especially when some of the family members are pretty far away. So, for me this was a little tiring. Rochelle tirelessly answered all of our questions. Thanks to Rochelle and her team at Dani Beyer.

Brent and Stephanie Hansen

We highly recommend Dani Beyer Real Estate! They helped us sell our home in just a couple days for full price! She also was a huge help in the negotiation process, and even helped us secure a short term living situation while our new home was being built. Can’t praise Dani and team enough!

Chris & Gina Thomas

Dani’s team was amazing to work with throughout our first time buying a home! Casey and Dani helped answer all of our questions and made this process a breeze. They were always quick to respond to questions, knew the market, and allowed us to make our own decisions through negotiations while offering advice. It was exactly what we needed for buying our first home! My husband and I would recommend Casey and Dani’s team to anyone looking to purchase a home!

James Currans and Erica Davis

Dani and her Team are amazing to work with! She recently guided us through our first new home purchase, which was also new construction, and was able to address all of our questions quickly and with ease! She is extremely professional and knowledgeable! Dani and her Team kept us informed each step of the way, and made the home buying process a joy. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Dani, and highly recommend her! She truly goes above and beyond!

Nathan Mersch

Working with Dani to sell my house was a great experience. She helped me with every step of the process and was very flexible about taking care of things while I was out-of-state during most of the selling process.

Jimmie and Mandy Smith

Very impressed with Dani’s teams professionalism and knowledge. Dani helped us market our home, making sure it was prepared and represented in the best way to sell. Dani made sure the negotiations were fair, timely and kept us notified throughout the process of selling our home. The process was  smooth and Dani’s team was wonderful to work with. We feel her team is dedicated and was able to put us at ease even when things became challenging (inspections). We couldn’t have been happier in our choice, WE would highly recommend Dani Beyer Real Estate to family, friends and associates. Thank you!!!

James & Susan Lapinski

We appreciate Dani and her diligence to excellence. Our desire was to understand the rental market, and she provided much guidance and personal knowledge with us. We are so happy with how things have come together in working with Dani.

Andy & Whitney Poettgen

We worked primarily with Shelly to buy our home. She was extremely knowledgeable of the areas we were looking in and incredibly accommodating/flexible with all of our questions! I would absolutely recommend Shelly and Dani Beyer’s team, they are wonderful.

Kirsten Delay

I worked primarily with Shelly, the buyer’s agent for Dani Beyer. When I inquired about services with Dani Beyer, Shelly called me immediately even though it was late on a weeknight. I was going to be moving states and changing jobs, but Shelly was able to work with all of my complications. Even when Shelly went on vacation, she still checked in with me regularly AND had caught Dani up with where I was in the process. The whole process was incredibly easy, especially as a first time homebuyer!

Dale & Michelle Thompson

I was in the market for a realtor to sell my home and contacted several agents for interviews. Not only did Dani come prepared to meet me with facts and tangible evidence of her experience in the business, she also came with facts and numbers of her competition. I knew right away she was the right person for the job and she delivered from day one all the way through closing. Dani is calm and confident and had a no-nonsense, decisive approach to contract negotiations. She represented my best interests in all stages of the home selling process. Dani has developed a great team of professionals around her, all the way down to her supporting network of home repair teams and contractors. I highly recommend her.

Josh & Heather Chavis

Shelly and Sarah did such a great job helping us through the home buying process. It can be a stressful time and they alleviate any and all pieces to make it as streamlined as possible. We were first time home buyers and recommend for any other first time home buyers to work with!

Ryan & Susan Lam

She was wonderful! It’s so nice to find genuine and intelligent individuals to help with such a big purchase! The whole team made the process so simple and we found our perfect home! We will definitely use them again for future home purchases.

Josh Wackler

Working with this team was a pleasure. Very thorough and time oriented. And my house sold very quickly. I would recommend to anyone and would certainly use them again in the future.

Nathan & Noelani Meirowsky

Couldn’t say better things about Dani and her team. We went with her based off recommendations from friends and were super impressed. Her services included a home stager which definitely helped to sell our house. Our house sold within 24 hours and it was because of Dani and her team. Whenever we had a question she responded right away and was always very transparent during the entire process. If you are needing to sell your home quickly and for top price then Dani and her team are the way to go!

Gena Lindsay

Dani and her team did a fantastic job helping me list and sell my house. I was able to get multiple offers after just a couple days on the market. Dani was super responsive even when she was out of the country on vacation! I would highly recommend Dani Beyer and her team if you are looking to sell your home.

Kyle & Mary Williams

Dani and her team were very professional throughout the entire process of selling our house. They were quick to respond to any questions we had, brought out a professional stager to offer suggestions, were flexible in meeting times with our busy schedule, and even had a roofer come out at the buyer’s request. Dani and her team were able to sell our house within 2 days at full ask price and made the selling process so easy. We would highly recommend her!

Paul and Jamie Hernandez

We had the most amazing experience with Dani Beyer our agent Michelle Koenigsfeld was absolutely amazing! She answered any question very quickly and if she couldn’t get back to us right away she apologized and got right to us as soon as possible. She helped us get the home of our dreams and made the process painless.

David Schoonover

This was my first time home buying experience and Dani’s team worked with me to help make a stressful venture much more manageable. Shelly is great to work with as a buyer’s agent and will work with you until you have found a home you are going to feel great about. On top of that she is an absolutely amazing negotiator and will ensure you are getting a good deal. Sarah is a blast to look at houses with. They were always great about being responsive to emails and getting times set up to view houses – even on weekends. Sometimes we would be out looking within hours of contacting the team if a house popped up on the market that was a strong candidate. I really could not say enough great things about the team and I look forward to working with them in the future. Once you have bought a house with them it’s like being part of a family and the client parties are so much fun! They really care about you and it shows.

Dan Hoerz & Alan Wiedel

Dani was great. We had the property listed with another agent with little success. Dani got the job done pronto! Very easy to work with. Great communications throughout.

Chad & Jenny Sallman

The Dani Beyer real estate team were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, prompt and results driven throughout our home buying and selling process. Prior to selling our home, we had a few minor items that needed to be addressed including touch up paint, new carpet, etc.. and Dani was able to provide us contacts to perform all of the work at below market price! Dani helped us stage our home with the new improvements, post the house for sale, show it to over 15 potential home buyers, take multiple offers, and close on the sale within 3-5 days… total… We were very pleased with our experience and would recommend Dani, Shelly, Melissa, and the entire gang at Dani Beyer Real Estate!!

Chris and Amanda Mills

Dani and her team were willing to work with our schedule, gave us great recommendations to get the home ready for listing, and they were able to get our home listed and sold much quicker than we hoped! The team made our first selling process smooth and easy. We highly recommend the Dani Beyer team!

Max & Erinn Ramsey

My wife and I worked with Dani and her team to sell our home and buy a new one. Dani was amazing and was able to get multiple offers on our home in less than 2 days and it sold for over list price. When it came to buying our new home we worked with Shelly and Sarah to find the perfect home for us. We were having issues finding the perfect home and they pretty much reached out to everyone they knew to find a house that wasn’t even on the market yet that we fell in love with. I highly recommend working with Dani and her team.

Kory & Becky Kloewer

Very detailed! Has a great team who are very professional, well trained and very knowledgeable about all aspects of the sales process. We had 3 to 4 offers and sold in less than a week. Dani’s team is awesome!

Ryan & Kate Walz

I have had a wonderful experience working with Beyer and her team. We’ve changed our mind a few times, but they’ve hung with us, with no pressure to move forward on a sale until it was exactly right. We recently closed on some land, and we’re excited to start building (and very grateful for all their guidance).

Brad Citro

Had listed with different agent for 8 mo and not much activity. Dani had on market for a month for same price and sold quickly. Dani and her team is very knowledgeable and friendly,would not hesitate to recommend her. They made the process easy.

Brian & Jill Hodge

Dani Beyer and her whole team are beyond fantastic! I cannot even begin to imagine going through the process of selling and buying with out Dani, Shelly and Melissa dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t.’ They are a highly organized team with phenomenal communication. I felt like Dani set us up for success to sell with her honest feedback; and the help of stagers coming in to give recommendations. Melissa is a magical person who’s “behind the scenes.” She responds lightening fast to everything, and makes sure we’re on track with everything — from the important small steps to the big milestones we encounter during the process. As for buying a house, I cannot imagine finding a more knowledgeable and truly devoted person than, Shelly. She’s an extraordinary advocate to have in your corner, and a true master of her craft. The whole team is beyond professional and efficient. I sadly have to admit that I wasn’t always the best client to work with (I got a little crazy), but Dani, Shelly and Melissa were always beyond impressive and gave their 110% throughout the whole process. I highly recommend this team to anyone. They’ll always be there going to bat for you with their wisdom and artful execution of the buying and selling process.

Glen & Marsha McMillin

We worked with the Dani Beyer team to find the perfect home in North KC. From the first call until post-closing, the entire team was attentive, professional, thorough and unquestionably worked in our interest. We made inquiry calls to several realtors and Shelly K., on Dani’s team, was the first and most prepared to address our questions. I would recommend them to a friend without reservation.

Nelson & Trish Ferguson

This team of professionals were amazing to work with! We had 2 homes to list in the same neighborhood. We interviewed 4 different real estate agents and picked Dani Beyer team because of the collaborative effort this team makes to find a way to make it happen. Bought and sold 3 properties within 2 months of listing. DEFINATELY will use this team on my next listing!! True customer service, honest and professional agents. Very empathetic to the emotion of the process that comes with buying and selling.

Tammee McVey

Dani Beyer and her team are great! It was wonderful working with them to find my new home. I worked primarily with Shelly Koenigsfeld. Shelly assisted me with every part of the home-buying experience. Shelly worked tirelessly to help me find the right home. She helped me hire a home inspector and find a mortgage broker. After I bought my new home, Shelly has followed up with me several times to make sure all is going well.

Chadd and Erin Rivera

The Dani Beyer team was a perfect match for us in our first time – home buying experience. We not only live out of the country, but was also under pressure to find the perfect home for us in a short amount of time. Shelly, our realtor, and her team, went above and beyond to ensure every question was answered with a timely and thorough response. We originally started working with another realtor who quickly showed their lack of ability to manage long distance home search and have a great respect for the positive experience from working with the Dani Beyer group. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends or family and will personally keep them in mind for any future opportunities for our family.

Chad Shrout and Sarah Hayes

Dani did an excellent job as our realtor. She is professional, knowledgable, friendly and makes you feel confident that she will be thorough and do what is best for her clients always!

Wendy Shuford

I was looking for a realtor with knowledge of Kansas City North and came across Dani’s review on Zillow. I’m really happy I did my research and interviewed multiple realtors. The initIal realtor I interviewed had little knowledge of KC North and I felt as though this particular relator under valued my home, and I was correct. Dani came in with a strong proposal, shared with me her teams strategy on client support and most importantly what I value highly which is effective communication. Her team guided me through the entire process, offered their expert opinion and I received an offer within the first 60 days. Dani’s assistant Melissa was a huge asset and I’m certain Dani will give her the recognition she so deserves. It’s obvious they operate well as a team, which is awesome. The close process went smoothly and I am very happy overall. Thank you Dani, Melissa and team!!!

Chris & Kim Culp

We went back and forth on a decision. Michelle Koenigsfeld worked with us until we were ready to pull the trigger and she found the house we were ready to buy. Very hot market in the Northland I’d recommend Shelly as she has connections to get you that house.

David and Jessica Zumstein

We used the Dani Beyer team to purchase a new home in the North Kansas City area. Dani’s team was very knowledgeable of the area and responsive and excited to assist us. Shelly, Sarah and Melissa made the process easy. As a first time home buyer, the process is daunting, but Shelly made the whole process much easier. Highly recommend!!

Brad Carver

My realtor team was amazing. They were always there to help and answer all the many questions I asked. They were quick to obtain house showings and negotiated well with the seller. I would highly recommend them.

Garry and Peggy Yoakum

Very knowledgeable and great with people. Her vast knowledge of the real estate climate and what was available in our price range was unbelievable…would highly recommend her to anyone I know.

Jan & Ruby Dekker

I didn’t think it would be so easy to sell our house. Dani’s attention to all of our needs as sellers was awesome. Her staff’s timing to the progression of the sell was right on and we were very pleased with the staffs professionalism from start to finish. Our home was shown to a qualified buyer the morning after listing, sold and under contract within nine days. Acceptance of the contract was easy since we got our asking price which was the highest selling price in our neighborhood to date. Our needs to sell and make money came true with ease due to Dani Beyer and her staffs expertise. Thank You Dani Beyer Real Estate!!!!!

Matt & Becca Puett

Dani and her team were absolutely fantastic. Very professional and helpful as they walked us through the entire process of selling our home. Her pricing strategy, staging consultation, and negotiation skills got our house sold in less than 24 hrs after listing. We were pretty high maintenance clients…asking questions and bugging her and Melissa constantly, but they were always available to answer and steer us in the right direction.

Mike Gabrick

Shelly K. On Dani’s team was tremendous to work with. She was aggressive yet fair in “getting to yes” during the buying negotiations. We had a few hiccups during the buying process (unrelated to Dani & Team) and Shelly was patient when others were not. 5/5 stars to the Dani Beyer Team.

Bob Howard

Dani and her team are top notch professionals and I would highly recommend her. Communication is excellent and follow through during every aspect of the sale was great. Highly recommended.

Nick VanTol

Dani and her team were amazing! They knew the local market very well and positioned us to get the most profit from the sale of our home. I would highly recommend her team to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!

Chris and Vickie Chancellor

We had a great experience Dani and her team. All aspects of the sale moved quickly and efficiently. Everyone was helpful and nice. We will certainly use them again and will recommend to our friends and family.

Stuart and Kate Robertson

We used Shelly Koenigsfeld, on Dani’s team at Keller Williams and were so impressed with her level of service, expertise and professionalism. We give them two thumbs up! Everything went smoothly and the entire DB Team was a joy to work with. They were always one step ahead of us and helped us navigate our whole process with ease and comfort. Shelly even wrote a contract for us at 10pm on a Saturday night – she didn’t hesitate to go above and beyond. Please consider this team for your real estate needs!

Alex Eisenbath and Karoline Checkett

I am a first time home buyer and trust me when I say this, I could not be in better hands than with the Dani Beyer group working with Shelly! She is wonderful and makes she all of my questions are answered and that all of my concerns are answered! She is extremely responsive to all requests and is truly looking out for my best interests. She makes sure that I am paying attention to the right things when viewing houses! She is wonderful and so is the rest of the team!

Sarah Jaramillo

The Dani Beyer team was awesome! Shelly helped me find the perfect home. She was extremely knowledgable in all areas of the home buying process. Shelly was more then willing to go out of her way to ensure I felt confident in my decision. She helped me understand what was happening every step of the way. I will be recommending my friends to this team! Great work!

Adam & Kristia Salisbury

Dani and her team were wonderful to work with. We sold our house less than a day after it was put on the market for our asking price. The whole process was extremely smooth, and when a problem did arise Dani and her team handled it quickly and were able to obtain an outcome that exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Dani.

Josh and Tish Willson

Dani assisted us in selling and buying a home recently. We have used Dani in the past as well and we are repeat customers because she does a great job! Dani understood what we needed in our new home so finding our new home did not drag on. She makes the process easy by using technology such as Docu-sign so you can electronically view and sign documents. Dani also has a great team that made the process easy. Dani helped us a great deal negotiating on our new home too. Dani also helped us to sell our home quickly; she uses a great photographer, had a prompt open house, and has a stager if needed. Dani and her team are prompt, know the market, and make it easy. My husband and I highly recommend Dani and the Dani Beyer team.

Matt McDonald

Dani helped me to sell my home in Waldo which I listed the previous year with a different agent. Upon contacting Dani, we met the next day and she had the house listed very shortly after that. The house immediately generated a lot of traffic and we had an offer very quickly. Dani was very helpful and direct through the bid/counter-bid/inspection process. I am very pleased with this selling experience. 

Joel and Jan Snyder

I have heard horror stories about the house buying process from a handful of people. So as we went in to buy our first home, i was not thrilled. However, meeting Shelly, and this team changed my outlook. They were EXTREMELY helpful, knowledgeable, and personable. There was never a time that Shelly wasn’t available for a quick question. She always made time for a showing or some helpful words. She helped us walk through things we didn’t understand and never made us feel pressured to do things her way, or the groups way. She let her clients have minds of their own. She knew what she was talking about and explained everything in ways that first time home buyers could understand. Working with this team was an absolute dream. I would not hesitate to recommend this team to anyone, and they will be the first call when we decide to sell/ buy a new home. I feel very lucky to have had Shelly as my Realtor.

Jean Bosworth

My home sold in two days (out of town) and Dani’s team focused on the items I listed as”needed to have” showing me properties that matched. They did not show me homes above the price I listed as my top price. In 2 evenings and one Saturday, I found the home I now live in. The process was pain-free, much to my surprise and relief.

John Curoe and Madisyn Swoboda

As first time home buyers we were nervous for the process of buying a home. All of our friends and family told us horror stories sbout how awful the process was going to be. The experence we recieved with the dani beyer team was the exact opposite. If we had a question, we got an answer usually in minutes of asking. Once we found the house we ended up buying, Shelly took us to see the same day! The team was always friendly and willing to do whatever it took to make times work. We got advice not only on home buying, but where to buy house items, type of paint, washer and dryers, any and everything we were wondering about. The team went above and beyond everything we expected. We really felt like we were hamging out with a good friend looking at houses. We didnt feel Rushed At all. The Dani Beyer team gets two high thumbs up. They kicked so much ass!

Brad Garrison

I worked with Shelly Koenigsfeld, not directly with Dani, but was pleased with the Dani Beyer team as whole. We looked at a bunch of houses, some more than once, and I am ultimately happy with the final result.

Ryan and Julia Rieder

Dani was super helpful throughout the entire selling process, even when we ran into issues with buyers, she and her team were always quick with communication and eager to help. Highly recommended!

Travis Guest

Dani was awesome to work with and provided more service than agents I have used before. Dani staged the house, recommended improvements and brought on many prospective buyers.

Chris and Brenda Mark

Dani’s team did an excellent job getting our house listed and generating interest quickly. Shelly Koenigsfeld worked with us very closely and provided us with invaluable assistance. The entire experience was outstanding and I would absolutely recommend Dani Beyer Real Estate to friends, family or anyone. When selling our house the contacts that Dani had were invaluable; helping us get our renovations done in a timely manner.

Eric and Audrey Trujillo

Dani and her team helped us sell our condos. The team and the technologies they utilize made the process easy and painless. Whether it be signing documentation or scheduling showings, we hardly had to lift a finger during the entire process.

Matt and Amanda Duncan

Dani and team helped my wife and I sell our house when we relocated halfway across the country. She referred me to some great contractors to get some repairs done as well as staging recommendations. Overall she made the sale painless and fast since we ended up moving before the listing. Within the first week we had multiple offers at asking price and ended up closing less than a month later.

Richard Hart

Dani helped me sell a home that was located 2000 miles away from where I lived. She handled everything for me and made the transaction extremely smooth. Dani was able to sell the home at full asking price and helped find and coordinate a contractor to make needed repairs. Her team did everything for me. Cleaned the place up, met the Gas company to turn the gas on, etc. the little things go a long way.

Fred Sisser & Sarah Starr

Dani knows the market and knows how to generate interest. I’ve worked with her twice and will call her again when we are ready to move!

Darrel & Kelly Nagel

Dani listed my house and had it under contract in 2 days. I was thrilled because a fast sell was exactly what I needed. She made sure I understood what I could do to help by providing staging support and was very professional through the entire process. There was not one time I could not reach her or one of her team members to answer questions or provide support of some kind. I highly recommend Dani to help you buy or sell real estate.

Marc Hawkins

As a new homeowner, it was great to have someone who cared so much. The knowledge and insight they provided me, along with tips really helped me along the entire process. I came in with no knowledge of buying a home, and once the process was over, I felt very confident going forward. One thing I really liked about my real estate agent was how honest she was.

Dale Anthony & Faith Naccarato

Dani was amazing in our search for a house. We had three different areas of the city we wanted to look in. She did a terrific job of showing us numerous houses in each area before finally deciding on one. We relied on her knowledge of the northland to help in choosing the best area for us. We are happy as can be and it’s all possible because of Dani and her team. Their patience with us throughout the whole process was outstanding and we couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks Dani and team!!!

Steven & Amy Hankins

We used Dani Beyer when selling our first home and buying our new home. As parents to four young children, Dani and her team made the process as easy as possible.

Lucky Chawla & Ananya Sharma

My husband and I worked with Tres when looking to buy our first house. We had a list of things we wanted and Tres was very careful in picking out listings that met our requirements. She was very patient with us. It took us a long time to finally pick our home, but Tres never rushed us and was always supportive of our decisions. It was great working with her and we truly appreciate all the effort she put in to helping us find our home.

Chris & Jessi Clutter

We recently purchased our home with Dani as our Realtor. We have nothing be fantastic things to say about Dani. She always had things under control and was in constant communication. It was a huge relief knowing we didn’t have to stay on top of everything because she always knew what was going on.

We can not say enough good things about Dani. We strongly recommend her and guarantee you will not be disappointed!

John & Jessika Moore

Dani has been fantastic to work with. We chose her as our agent when purchasing our first home on the recommendation of friends and many co-workers. When we got started we were provided with a private web portal that would find listings meeting our criteria and like an inbox, we could mark them as favorite, potential, or discard. We also could send her MLS numbers from other homes we found in our search and she could manually add those. Using the web portal to narrow down our list was great and a very laid back method.

Using our list of favorites, Dani scheduled our first round of showings. During the first day we found the home we placed an offer on. Dani worked very late into the night on a Saturday to help us negotiate the offer. She sent all documentation needing signatures using Docusign so we did the whole thing using our iPads and iPhones. No annoying faxing.

Dani has been extremely helpful during this entire process. We have been in our home now for a few days and couldn’t be happier! Dani was able to explain the home buying process to us in a way that we understood without dumbing down the important details and has been a true professional. She knows how to use technology well to make things easier where using tech makes sense but not so much that it clogs up the process. We were able to sail through every step never feeling stressed or worried at all. We highly recommend Dani and will certainly use her services again.

Maureen O’Sullivan

Dani Beyer and her team made buying a house an absolute pleasure though out the entire process! I highly recommend her and her team! She was always available and very professional.

Patrick & Stacey Franks

Dani is hands down the best realtor my wife and I have ever worked with. We’ve had experience buying and selling homes with 3 other realtors over the past 10 years. None of them come close to Dani’s expertise, awareness, and execution.

We worked recently with Dani to purchase 2 investment properties, and plan to work with her on more future purchases. The entire experience has been incredibly smooth.

Here is where Dani truly excels:

  • Diligence – Dani is in tune with every step of the process and often thinking 5 steps ahead. She keeps her promises no matter how small.
  • Communication – Dani will call, email, text…you name it. She’s very connected, willing to explain any detail, and strives for a mutual understanding throughout the process.
  • Market Knowledge – Dani adds value with insight and understanding of the property, area, and the temperature of the market in general.
  • Network – Dani has an extensive network of connections who provide value add services.
    I have complete faith in working with and recommending Dani as a realtor and trusted partner throughout the process.

Luke Gordon

Dani is incredible. After looking for houses for over six months with another realtor and not finding what I wanted I was beginning to give up hope. A friend recommended I contact Dani. She took the time to get to know me and understand exactly what I wanted in a house. During our first time out looking we found the house I now own, love and call home. If you want a classy, knowledgeable, professional and personable realtor on your side then definitely go with Dani Beyer.

Leslie Totten

When my fiancé and I recently began looking for our first house a friend recommended Dani. We are so glad she did! Dani was fantastic to work with. If we emailed (or called, or texted…) she would reply almost immediately. Dani asked us some initial questions to get to know us, what features were important to us, and then set up a website with houses that matched our criteria. It was so helpful to be able to view these properties online first and provide feedback on what we liked and did not like. Dani really listened to us and provided a great list of houses to pick from. In fact, we found our dream house on the first night!

Being that we were new to the whole process of buying a home, we were so lucky to have a realtor that has the experience and expertise that Dani has. She was extremely helpful from start to finish and made the process so easy for us. From the start we felt comfortable with Dani and knew that we could trust her to act in our best interest. Even now, almost 3 months after we have moved in she continues to check in.

We could not have asked for better service, better communication, or a better relationship with a realtor. Dani went above and beyond. We would highly recommend Dani to anyone!

Toni Cabezas

We recently worked with Dani while buying our first home. Dani was amazing to work with. She did a great job of working around our busy schedule and taking the time to find out what we wanted and truly needed in our first out. She came highly recommended to us from some of our co-workers and did not disappoint.

Any realtor can show you houses and let you find one that you like and want to buy but Dani set herself apart in two ways. One is that she let us drive the process at first, but took the lead when she knew it was necessary. She has a knack for feeling out how much involvement she has to have to get things done and get the deal made. The other is the one that made us her customers for life. That is that she followed through after we closed. We had an issue with the refrigerator in the home we bought not working after we closed, and Dani went above and beyond our wildest expectations by working with the seller’s realtor, the home warranty company, and us to get the issue resolved and our needs met. She even lent us her personal mini fridge while we were without ours! She always kept us in the loop and was truly on our side. I think she’s the Mike Holmes of realtors–she made sure that she made it right by going out of her way and doing everything she had to. Dani is truly amazing and we highly recommend her.

Mark Slater

In a tough market, Dani did everything right selling our home. She offered competitive financial terms, amazing service, and the experience required to sell our house quickly and for a good price. She listened to our personal needs and the information about our neighborhood, and she specialized her marketing strategy accordingly. We sold our house in 6 days! Even after we had signed the contract, Dani was always quick to answer the numerous questions we had about the process….usually responding to our emails or text messages within minutes.

Kenny & Lauren

We recently worked with Dani to sell our home as part of a re-location process. Dani exceed all of our expectations in a realtor. She was on top of EVERYTHING from day one, she did an excellent job of keeping us as well as our relocation company in the loop. If we ever had a question or an issue Dani was on top of it, we always felt like we were her first priority.

After our inspections we had a few items that needed to be addressed in our home, Dani provided us with her personal handy man who was able to help us with everything for half the price of a regular contractor! It is obvious that when working with Dani you also have access to her “network” which is extensive! She has a solution for any problem you might have.

Dani provided us with excellent advice when trying to determine the right price to list our home at. Thanks to Dani and her knowledge of our area and the market in general, we had over 30 showings and our home sold in less than two months! We couldn’t be happier with our experience working with Dani.

We would refer Dani to anyone who is looking for a realtor that can get the job done in a professional, unbelievably thorough and friendly manner.

Justin & Lindsay Castleberry

We met with Dani on the recommendation by a friend whose house was sold by Dani. At the time it was just a consultation, to talk about options, and get a market analysis and what we could feasibly expect. A short time went by and market conditions in our neighborhood changed a bit, prompting further consultation with Dani. Before long we had a stager visit, then photographer, and just like that our house was on the market. The stager and photographer Dani used were great to work with as well, and very good at what they do. An offer came in on our home quicker than any of us expected. Dani’s advice proved to be very beneficial during the offer/counter-offer process. With our home basically sold, we had to find somewhere to move! She was great in working around our hectic schedules to fit in many showings and appointments with builders. Ultimately we ended up in a house that we are so happy with.

For us, there couldn’t have been a more perfect representative to work with. She tailored everything to our schedules and needs – and I admit we can be difficult to work with! She’s very up to date with the technology available to assist in her business, making it easier for us throughout the whole process. Being able to sign documents from 600 miles away where my job had me made things move so much quicker.

I would recommend Dani to anyone without hesitation!



We’ve used Dani to sell our home twice. It was a wonderful experience both times! Highly recommend Dani and her team! She made the process very easy for a busy, on the go family of 5. I love how the majority of the paperwork is all done online. I recommend her to all of our friends with realtor needs!

Christina Hubbard

Dani provided us with topnotch service as we sold and bought a new home in Kansas City. She went above and beyond with her negotiating skills, her personal follow-ups, and our last minute requests for showings. Her tips enabled us to sell our home in record time. Then when our AC went out the first day in our new house, she made sure we were cool and that our problem got taken care of quickly. She took huge burdens off of us during the transition and we can’t thank her enough for her dedication! She comes highly recommended!

Greg & Lisa Bartley

Dani was recommended to us by another out of area real estate agent and we are 100% satisfied with her dedication, insight, and professionalism. We were in the process of moving from North Carolina to Kansas City, MO, and she took our crazy schedule and great distance and made it work. We purchased a new home and she acted as our agent with the builder as he made the required changes, keeping him on the required timeline and ensuring that we were informed along the way. She had all the right resources at her finger tips, making our transition from NC to MO a smooth one. Thanks Dani!

Aubry Rydzewski

I’ve used Dani for 3 home purchase/sale transactions, and have been impressed each and every time. She’s got the most friendly, laid-back, fun personality; but don’t let that fool you – she is on top of every single detail. She follows up and follows through on EVERYTHING, so that you’re never left wondering the status of your purchase/sale. Working with her is especially easy because of her tech expertise – she’s extremely responsive via email, phone, text any time you need her – and uses these methods to make conducting business easy – for example, digital signatures that make signing contracts a breeze. Her extensive knowledge of the markets and her people skills combine to make negotiating a rather painless experience, and she’s always been able to effortlessly answer my detailed questions or give advice when I need it.

I would refer Dani to anyone looking for an extremely thorough, professional, competent and friendly realtor.

Joe & Jennifer Kraxner

Working with Dani to sell our home was a smooth (and fun!) process. Dani knows what it takes to sell a home and didn’t cut corners when it came to preparing us and our home to go on the market. She’s so personable and fun, making it easy to ask questions and stay informed throughout the process. That being said, she’s aggressive when she needs to be and we trusted her completely to always work in our best interests.

Dani never called us with a problem unless she already had a solution, which took so much of the stress out of selling our house. When our inspection came in with a few issues, Dani quickly had estimates and reliable people to help with the repairs.

Even since the sale of our home, Dani has been there for us. We’re relocating to Colorado and needed a recommendation for someone to help us purchase a home there. Dani didn’t just choose a few names to give us, but instead did a great deal of work vetting agents before making any recommendations. Our current broker in Denver told us she’s stealing a few pages from Dani’s book the next time she refers someone!

Without hesitation, we would (and have!) recommended Dani to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home.

Kris and Krissy Cline

She has helped us buy both of the houses we’ve owned. She is really great to work with, and have been really happy with her knowledge of the whole process.

Melanie Chezem

Dani is an amazing agent. Not only is she a great person, but she genuinely cares about her clients. She is thorough and very knowledgeable. Everything about our process was made easier and enjoyable because we were working with Dani. She is truly a joy to work with.

Ryan McDonald

I had the pleasure of working with Dani on the purchase of our last home five years ago. She was patient and persistent, showing him dozens of homes to suit his needs. She was helpful in explaining the market and the home buying process. So much so that when it was time to sell our home, we went back to Dani. My wife had purchased/sold three properties prior to meeting Dani and was very loyal in working with one realtor. My wife and I had long discussions about our expectations in a realtor when we were deciding whom to use. Through a series of emails and conversations, we decided to give Dani a shot. She was assertive in understanding how she could fit our needs and understands exactly what we were looking for in both the buying and selling process. We decided as a team to move quickly on selling our house given the current market conditions. Within a few days we had an offer on our house. Dani was quick in communications, negotiations and accurate in her guidance.

We sold our house so quickly that we didn’t have our next steps planned out. Dani was determined to help us find the path we wanted to take. We saw several houses, most on very short notice, and ended up deciding to build. I had hesitations about using a realtor through a build job but we decided to hire her based on her knowledge and insights she had provided us in our home search. It was a great decision! She’s thorough, detail oriented, and a real pleasure to work with. I am confident that I can ask her *anything* about the housing market, financing options, home repairs, neighborhoods, schools, etc. and she’ll have the answer or know exactly where to find it. It is without hesitation that we recommend Dani.

Andy & Lacey Graverson

From start to finish, we spent the most part of the last ten months working with Dani and Amber to purchase our new home. In August 2010, we began searching for a new home with Dani, looking at existing homes and new construction. When we felt we had exhausted the resale market in our desired area, we considered building. After locating a possible builder, Dani assisted in meetings, helping to explain our wants and working with the builder on new floor plans and pricing. Though things did not work out, Dani helped us understand that building was a definite possibility. As our search for resales and other builders progressed, Dani left for maternity leave, and we began working with her partner, Amber. Working with Amber, we decided that new construction was the way to go. The transition process was very smooth, and we never missed a beat.

Our construction process took nearly seven months, and Dani was there every step of the way. She assisted us in communication with our builder, helping to resolve issues over quality of work, pricing, and mistakes. She was always available to us, even late nights after work and weekends. She attended all our walk-throughs and gave advice, pointers, and recommendations for improvements that never would have crossed our minds—improvements that we are very thankful that we made.

At closing, she worked directly with our lender to resolve last-minute issues, and she has followed up with our builder post-closing to make sure all issues we’ve found have been addressed promptly.

Our experiences with Dani have allowed us to keep our sanity through a crazy process. Her attitude, responsiveness, and willingness to go to bat for her clients, has convinced us that we chose the right realtor—one that we have and will again recommend. In fact, we have recommended Dani to family members who are currently in the build process, and we are 100 percent certain that she will provide them with the same high-level, quality support that she has provided to us over the last ten months.

Robert Farr

My wife and I are writing to express our complete satisfaction with Dani Beyer as our real estate agent. Dani made my wife and I feel like were her main client the entire time. She thoroughly coached us through the process with professionalism and courtesy as our buyer’s agent for our new home and as our seller’s agent on our old home.

Buying a home can be a stressful time and was no exception for us. We cannot thank Dani enough for the level of service she has already given us in buying what is our 3rd home. We found a home for our family that has surpassed every expectation and within our price range. We can say without a doubt it was the best experience we have had yet, and should we ever look to move in the future she will be first person with whom we will talk.

Now we look forward to working with her on selling our old home. We are off to a great start with a showing in less than 24 hours of it being on the market.

We would highly recommend Dani Beyer to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home as the real estate agent of choice.

Scott & Krissy Ackerson

We have been with Dani since 2010. She not only helped us sell our home quickly in the middle of winter but she helped us find a rental and on to navigate us through buying and building a new home. Dani helped us navigate and negotiate through many situations and she was always available every single time we needed her, especially when things were going rough and we needed someone to help push things over the line. Dani and her team are so professional and know realty in Kansas City. Even today if we have a question, problem or need a contact Dani is ready to help. We have referred both friends and family to Dani and we will continue to do so. She treats her clients FANTASTIC and we will never use another realtor!

Nick Welty

Dani knows real estate and how to get home owners; whether buyers or sellers, expedited to the closing table. She has a very dynamic approach to all of her clients and has rightfully earned her ongoing and continual referral business. I am happy to have the opportunity to work with her doing inspections for her buyers and sellers, where she always equips our mutual clients for the inspection process and this really allows an overall smooth journey for me do to my job. I have worked with her for over 6 years and she has been a top producing agent in my database for all those years. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling that desires systematical excellence.

John Melton

My wife and I hired Dani as our Realtor and left for 3 weeks on vacation. She was hired over 3 other agents including on I had used many times in the past. Though new as an agent at the time she demonstrated a through knowledge of the field and market place, and a willingness to work with us. She sold our home in 28 days in a down market. I would highly recommend Dani as an agent.

Leslie Thompson

Dani is awesome, she listened to what I was really saying I needed in a home and helped me find the perfect fit! As a first time home buyer, I was in over my head, but she was super helpful through the entire buying process. I will absolutely use her services again when I’m ready to buy/sell in the future.

Dave & Libby Nuesson

You know how sometimes you’re writing a review or giving a reference and you feel compelled to give the person 5 stars? In this case, I am unabashedly, without doubt giving 5 stars across all categories. I cannot say anything negative about my experience with Dani. To begin with, Dani respected our price range and did not show us any houses above our range. She lead us through everything we needed to know and do. She was available for meetings and phone calls around our schedule. She got us a better price than we knew we could get on our home purchase. She made sure everything was right from start to finish. It’s the perfect yin-yang of control (guiding us to the next step and providing the necessary documentation a step ahead of us) and freedom (ability to choose dates, times, homes to look at; respectful of desired purchase/sale offer prices). I loved working with Dani on the purchase of our home.

Charles Hunt

You should hire Dani to be your Realtor! She is a charming and focused professional with a sincere commitment to meeting her client’s needs. I was a first time home buyer, and as such had a lot of questions about what to expect in the buying process. Dani was always very responsive to my questions and often proactive in anticipating questions that I hadn’t thought to ask….more

Frank Rydzewski

Dani is a fantastic realtor and I will use her again when it comes time to move. At every step of the process of selling my existing home as well as purchasing my new home, everything was clearly communicated and I never felt “in the dark” about what was happening or would be happening next. Additionally, Dani is really outgoing and a joy to spend time with, which helps…more

Kristi Soligo

Dani is a pleasure to work with. She is a woman of character and integrity. She does what she says and is very in tune to details, time lines, and responsibility. We always welcome the opportunity to work with her!

Cullun Culp

I’ve worked with Dani on multiple real estate transaction, purchasing both personal & investment properties with her. I’ve been nothing but impressed with her level of professionalism. She’s done a great job of taking as much time as needed with me and supplying me with the right information I needed to make a smart decision. I would not hesitate to recommend her to…more

Chad Moats

Dani is a great real estate agent. She is highly motivated and went above and beyond for us to get our house sold. I highly recommend Dani to anyone who is looking to buy a house our selling their house.

Carolyn Beyer

Dani assisted us through the process of purchasing our home with great professionalism. She answered all our questions, assisted with all the paperwork, referred us to other professionals that where needed to complete the process all within a tight time frame and from long distance. We could not have done it without her.

Sarah Dahlhauser

Dani helped me find and buy a house with a very quick turnaround. She stayed on top of the process and kept me well informed of each step along the way. I would definitely use Dani again to buy or sell a home!

Chad Stracener

Dani was very patient with all our first-time buyer questions and helped us find our home within just two weeks. She made herself available at any time prior to the purchase and has been quick to respond to any of our questions even after we moved in. She was very knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Heath Borders

Dani was very helpful in guiding my wife and me through our first home purchase and subsequent home sale.

Allen Lowman

Dani is a thoughtful, outgoing individual that does the task at hand with the utmost integrity and care. A true friend and a pleasure to work with; anyone would be lucky to have such a wonderful agent in their corner.

Corey & Jolene Mathis

Dani excels at meeting and exceeding her customers expectations. She sat down with me and outlined all my requirements for a new home. She singled out three choices based on my criteria and I am now living in my dream home. In addition, she continues to thank you for your business with customer appreciation nights. Stop searching and let Dani and team help you find your dream home.

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