From start to finish, we spent the most part of the last ten months working with Dani and Amber to purchase our new home. In August 2010, we began searching for a new home with Dani, looking at existing homes and new construction. When we felt we had exhausted the resale market in our desired area, we considered building. After locating a possible builder, Dani assisted in meetings, helping to explain our wants and working with the builder on new floor plans and pricing. Though things did not work out, Dani helped us understand that building was a definite possibility. As our search for resales and other builders progressed, Dani left for maternity leave, and we began working with her partner, Amber. Working with Amber, we decided that new construction was the way to go. The transition process was very smooth, and we never missed a beat.

Our construction process took nearly seven months, and Dani was there every step of the way. She assisted us in communication with our builder, helping to resolve issues over quality of work, pricing, and mistakes. She was always available to us, even late nights after work and weekends. She attended all our walk-throughs and gave advice, pointers, and recommendations for improvements that never would have crossed our mindsā€”improvements that we are very thankful that we made.

At closing, she worked directly with our lender to resolve last-minute issues, and she has followed up with our builder post-closing to make sure all issues weā€™ve found have been addressed promptly.

Our experiences with Dani have allowed us to keep our sanity through a crazy process. Her attitude, responsiveness, and willingness to go to bat for her clients, has convinced us that we chose the right realtorā€”one that we have and will again recommend. In fact, we have recommended Dani to family members who are currently in the build process, and we are 100 percent certain that she will provide them with the same high-level, quality support that she has provided to us over the last ten months. | + posts