You know how sometimes you’re writing a review or giving a reference and you feel compelled to give the person 5 stars? In this case, I am unabashedly, without doubt giving 5 stars across all categories. I cannot say anything negative about my experience with Dani. To begin with, Dani respected our price range and did not show us any houses above our range. She lead us through everything we needed to know and do. She was available for meetings and phone calls around our schedule. She got us a better price than we knew we could get on our home purchase. She made sure everything was right from start to finish. It’s the perfect yin-yang of control (guiding us to the next step and providing the necessary documentation a step ahead of us) and freedom (ability to choose dates, times, homes to look at; respectful of desired purchase/sale offer prices). I loved working with Dani on the purchase of our home. | + posts