Dani has been fantastic to work with. We chose her as our agent when purchasing our first home on the recommendation of friends and many co-workers. When we got started we were provided with a private web portal that would find listings meeting our criteria and like an inbox, we could mark them as favorite, potential, or discard. We also could send her MLS numbers from other homes we found in our search and she could manually add those. Using the web portal to narrow down our list was great and a very laid back method.

Using our list of favorites, Dani scheduled our first round of showings. During the first day we found the home we placed an offer on. Dani worked very late into the night on a Saturday to help us negotiate the offer. She sent all documentation needing signatures using Docusign so we did the whole thing using our iPads and iPhones. No annoying faxing.

Dani has been extremely helpful during this entire process. We have been in our home now for a few days and couldn’t be happier! Dani was able to explain the home buying process to us in a way that we understood without dumbing down the important details and has been a true professional. She knows how to use technology well to make things easier where using tech makes sense but not so much that it clogs up the process. We were able to sail through every step never feeling stressed or worried at all. We highly recommend Dani and will certainly use her services again.

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