When my fiancé and I recently began looking for our first house a friend recommended Dani. We are so glad she did! Dani was fantastic to work with. If we emailed (or called, or texted…) she would reply almost immediately. Dani asked us some initial questions to get to know us, what features were important to us, and then set up a website with houses that matched our criteria. It was so helpful to be able to view these properties online first and provide feedback on what we liked and did not like. Dani really listened to us and provided a great list of houses to pick from. In fact, we found our dream house on the first night!

Being that we were new to the whole process of buying a home, we were so lucky to have a realtor that has the experience and expertise that Dani has. She was extremely helpful from start to finish and made the process so easy for us. From the start we felt comfortable with Dani and knew that we could trust her to act in our best interest. Even now, almost 3 months after we have moved in she continues to check in.

We could not have asked for better service, better communication, or a better relationship with a realtor. Dani went above and beyond. We would highly recommend Dani to anyone!

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