We know a lot of people are going to be selling their homes this spring. Here are some things that we ask our sellers to do prior to listing so you can get a headstart on getting your home ready.

  • Call Me! My team can prepare an accurate market analysis for your home and recommended a listing price. We can also generate an estimate sheet showing you how much you would net from the home sale. You can also request a market analysis here.
  • Stage and Declutter. We hire Professional Stagers to tour your home prior to listing. The stagers will present you with a list of changes to make to your home before it goes on the market. The stagers will also let you know what items to store away while your home is on the market. If you don’t have a lot of storage space, you may want to consider renting a POD or a storage unit.
  • Handyman Repairs. Fix anything that you know is need of repair – loose door knobs and handrails, dripping faucets, sticking doors, broken door bells, damaged window screens, etc. Touch up paint as needed. Don’t give prospective buyers a reason to discount your home!
  • Pre-Inspection. Have your home pre-inspected by a professional inspector and address any issues that the inspector may find. Be sure to have a copy of the inspection report to give to your agent and to show potential buyers. Also keep receipts for the repairs made.
  • Let There Be Light! Remove any lightbulbs that have to “warm up” and replace them with lights that come on instantly. Be sure not to mix different lightbulb types in the same light fixture when replacing bulbs.
  • Curb Appeal. Spruce up your landscaping and make sure you have awesome curb appeal – keep your yard mowed, have a flowering plant near the front door, be sure your front door is freshly painted. In the winter months be sure that snow and ice are quickly removed from the sidewalk and driveway. Hang a wreath on the front door for some color in the winter.
  • What Pets? Remove any odors, especially those associated with smoke or pets. Start hiding away food and water bowls, pet beds, etc as we don’t want buyers to immediately know that pets are living in the home.
  • CLEAN. Do a thorough cleaning after repairs and staging changes are complete. Clean carpets, scrub floors, wipe down cabinets/baseboards/blinds/light fixtures. Sweep/powerwash basement flooring, garage, driveway, sidewalk, front porch, and deck. Wash windows and clean window treatments. Be sure to keep bathrooms clean and free of toiletries, ensure tile is properly caulked, keep toilet lids down. Keep kitchen counters as empty as possible.
  • Make it Official! We’ll send out our Professional Photographer, sign the listing agreement, and we will bring on the buyers!
  • New Home. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, we can help. Let us know your plans and we’ll work with you to make your move as seamless as possible! If you are staying in the Kansas City area, you can search for your new home here.


If you need a recommendation for a handyman or inspector, please see | + posts