spring maintenance tips photo It’s finally beginning to feel like spring! Here are some tips on keeping your home in great shape this season. Be sure to follow up with professionals when needed and let us know how we can help!

  1. BBQ. Get ready to grill! Make sure you have a full propane tank or enough charcoal for your first BBQ of the season.
  2. Lawncare. Dewinterize your sprinkler system and have your lines checked for leaks. Get your lawnmower ready by sharpening the blades, changing the engine oil, and making sure you have your gas tank full. Put pre-emergent down on your lawn, add mulch to your landscaping beds, and trim back hedges as needed.
  3. Termites. Call a pest control company and schedule an annual termite inspection.
  4. HVAC Tuneup. Have your air conditioner cleaned and serviced by your HVAC technician. Be sure to change your filter and turn off your whole-house humidifier. Consider adding a programmable thermostat to improve energy efficiency (the Nest is our favorite).
  5. Dryer Vent. Be sure to clean out your dryer vent system once a year to avoid potential fire hazards. Check out this blog post for instructions on cleaning out your dryer vent.
  6. Decks/Patios. Powerwash and/or stain your deck if needed. Powerwash and reseal your patio – be sure to follow the recommendations based on the material of your patio! Check these links for deck maintenance tipsstamped concrete maintenance tipsslate patio maintenance tips, and paver maintenance tips.
  7. Snow Equipment. Winterize your snowblower and stow until next winter. Move your snow shovels and ice melt to the back of the garage or storage area.
  8. Water/Drainage. During the first big rainstorm, grab an umbrella and walk around your home to make sure water is being directed away from the foundation and that your gutters and downspouts aren’t clogged. Consider adding gutter guards to keep your gutters clean.
  9. Home Exterior. Take a close look at your siding, trim, and windows – caulk and repaint any areas as needed to keep everything sealed up tight.

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