Winter Weather Home

Strap in, Kansas City; winter is coming.

Although we’ve recently experienced temperatures reaching into the sixties, history says it won’t last – according to the National Weather Service, Kansas City averages 18.8 inches of snow and average lows range from 18 to 29 degrees during winter months. Conditions like these can hurt both a homeowner’s peace of mind and wallet.

Preparing your home for winter elements can lower costs, decrease stress and improve safety. Here’s how to keep Jack Frost out of your home.

Insulation: Keep the warm in and the cold out! Re-caulk windows and replace weather strips on doors. Insulate walls and attics. Stopping leaks will keep you comfortable and keep your gas bill low.

Plumbing: Prevent burst pipes and aching heads. Wrap basement and crawl space pipes with insulation sleeves. Disconnect and drain outside hoses before the first frost. Pour water down drains that aren’t used often. Have your sprinkler system winterized. Call Bill Bologna to winterize your sprinkler system at 913-898-4448.

Roofing: Have your roof inspected for leaks and weaknesses. We recommend Colby Adkins at 816-520-2924. Clean out gutters and downspouts to divert water away from your home’s foundation. Trim overhanging tree limbs. Ice buildup can create falling hazards for you and your neighbors.

Fire Safety: Heating a home incorrectly can increase fire risks. Have your heating systems cleaned and inspected before the cold hits. Stock up and replace filters frequently. Have chimneys for wood-burning fireplaces inspected and cleaned before use. Make sure to use proper gauge extension cords for holiday lighting.

The Dani Beyer Real Estate team has information and resources that will make winter prep a breeze for your home. Call us or contact us on social media today.

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