The Best Housewarming Gifts for Your Beloved Homeowner

Buying a home is a big deal! Whether it is someone’s first home, vacation home or forever home, buying them a gift to say “congrats and welcome home!” is always a nice touch. So we have compiled 10 of the best housewarming gifts you can give (the list is obviously subjective and covers a range of budgets).

#1 – A Gift for the Mixologist

If you’re good friends or family with the homeowner, you’ll know their favorite adult beverage, but if they’re a newer friend, opting for a nice bottle of wine, champagne, whiskey or even a cocktail mix is a great way to go when gifting a recent homeowner. 

Grab a fun wine bag like this one on Amazon, and you’re good to go!

#2 – A Gift for the Hostess

For the friend who loves to host a party, the gift ideas are endless. However, you can never go wrong with a beautiful charcuterie board, personalized cutting board, unique measuring cups or beautiful drinkware.

#3 – A Gift for the Bookworm

A thoughtful housewarming gift for a book lover could be unique bookends (Harry Potter lovers, don’t sleep on this link), a book stand or mug (you can never have too many cute mugs).

#4 – A Gift for the Dog Lover

Image by Peri Priatna from Pixabay

Many dog lovers spare no expense when it comes to pampering their pet; but who pampers the dog lover? You. Imagine the joy you’d bring to your friend’s face when you arrive with a custom pet portrait of their favorite pooch to hang on their new walls?

In addition, there’s no limit to what item you can plaster a pet’s face on these days, so consider gifting an oven mit, tea towel or even beer glass.

#5 – A Gift for the Plant Mom

We all have that friend who treats her plants like her children. Just because your green thumb is broken doesn’t mean you can’t support your sister’s plant habit. So as she finds new spaces in her new home for all her plants, consider giving her just one more!

Succulents are always a winner – low maintenance and so cute. Pick out a fun planter and call it a day. 

Or maybe they like flowers as much as plants? Consider a fun and unique vase that could double as a centerpiece. 

#6 – A Gift for the Organized Homeowner

For the friend who orders their closet items by color, who has a drawer organizer for the junk drawer, who fold their towels just so and whose handwriting on a calendar looks like calligraphy, here are their best housewarming gifts:

#7 – A Gift for the Scent Enthusiast

Candles, perfume, linen sprays, hand soaps and lotions, oh my! For that friend that always has smell goods everywhere, make it unique by creating a custom “welcome home” or “The Smith’s Home” scent from a place like Palmetto Scent Studio.

Who doesn’t love candles? These are always great to bring as a housewarming gift. Stock up on affordable but delicious scents at places like HomeGoods and TJ Maxx or find meaningful candles with city, state and even college towns from the candle company, Homesick.

#8 – A Gift for the Chef

best housewarming giftsBringing a blender or stand mixer to a housewarming party might be a little extra or feel more like a wedding gift (although, I’m sure your friend would say it’s one of the best housewarming gifts ever given!). But there are still plenty of creative gifts for the friend who loves to cook that can fit in a gift bag. 

Consider things like unique spices, oils and vinegars, personalized chef knives, beautiful cook books and tea towels.

#9 – A Gift for the Movie Buff

If your friend’s new house has an in-home theater, they may love plush throw blankets, a gourmet popcorn set, a professionally framed movie poster, or a fun card game challenging their movie trivia knowledge.

#10 – A Gift for When You Just Can’t Decide

When you feel too overwhelmed with all the options or you want to provide a variety of housewarming gifts, a gift basket is perfect! You could go with food, oils and spices, candy, cleaning supplies and more!

Harry and David, Hickory Farms, Thrive Market, Spoonful of Comfort and even Amazon have great options.

Be sure to try to shop local and support small businesses, if you can! They always provide more unique offerings anyway. If you have a friend moving to town, a city-themed basket would be fun as well, including gift cards to favorite restaurants or to fun experiences you think they’d enjoy to get to know their new hometown. 

We hope our list of best housewarming gifts has inspired you! We love gifting our clients meaningful gifts when they close on their home. It’s such an exciting way to start fresh. | + posts