Buying a Townhome Can Be Underrated

When looking for a home, you may come to the conclusion that you’d really rather sip margaritas on your patio than tinker around the garden or push a lawnmower. Thoughts like these are often what lead homebuyers to buying a townhome.

Buying a townhome is a lot like living in a condominium complex, where you have some shared responsibilities for funding maintenance. A townhome may offer advantages over a condo, though, because you usually share fewer walls and you may have more square footage. However, there are a few considerations that should go into your process:

When buying a townhome, think about the amenities you’ll want and need, and the level of privacy you prefer.Get a feel for the homeowners association. The personality of a homeowners association (HOA) can have a lot of influence over your enjoyment of your townhome. Do you prefer more structured rules that keep the community looking fastidiously maintained, or do you like a looser set of rules that allow you to go about your business?

Consider which items are covered in the HOA rules and whether these fees fit your needs. You may not like it when the HOA tells you that your beloved cat isn’t welcome, but you may be willing to find Fluffy a new home because you appreciate that you also won’t hear barking dogs at night or trip over a tricycle as you walk to your car.

You real estate agent can do a little digging and help you look for the right fit in your HOA and give you some insight when a HOA seems like it may be a bit too much for you.

Look at the townhome itself. Like all home buying decisions, Dani Beyer Real Estate can help you get a feel for what makes a home the ideal place for you. Did you get a “wow” feeling when you walked in the door? Maybe you really prefer a certain place in the community, like a townhome that sits near the back of the property, or one that’s on the end of the row to minimize noise from neighbors.

Check out the amenities. One of the fun perks of buying a townhome is the opportunity to have some nice amenities right outside your door. Maybe you love hanging out at the pool, jogging on trails or taking your dog to a park. Many townhomes offer these amenities and more, like walkable proximity to shops and restaurants so you don’t have to Uber after all those Taco Tuesday margs.

Knock on those walls. If you’re buying a townhome in Kansas City, you generally feel comfortable with the fact that it’s not a completely isolated living experience. You’ll share walls with neighbors, and it may be a rare day that someone doesn’t greet you as you leave for work. Decide just how much privacy you want once you get inside of your home.

How thick are the walls? Will you be able to hear about Johnny’s day at school next door or learn the details of an overdue credit card bill when Bill and Sue are having it out? This is important to consider as you look at townhomes.

When it’s time to buy a townhome, contact us at Dani Beyer Real Estate. Townhomes are often just the right fit for someone who loves a tight community but also wants to close their door and have privacy when they want it. You can look through our listing website, to find townhomes available today! | + posts