Using a few home maintenance tips can help eliminate the risk of a roof leak or clogged gutters that cause water to collect. Summer’s drawing to a close, and while you’re organizing your last end-of-season barbecue, you may be thinking about preparing your home for winter. Taking some time to inspect and repair small items in the fall may save your house from damage during the cold winter months. With these home maintenance tips from Dani Beyer Real Estate, you’ll be all set to warm up with a book by the fire, rather than braving the cold to make repairs this winter.

Take a trip to the attic. The attic is a great place to inspect whether there’s any vulnerability in the flashing around vents or near your chimney. Turn out the lights and see if you can spot daylight peering through any spots on the roof. The differences in temperature between the heat on the roof and the air conditioning in the home can cause problems in the roof.

Once you’ve finished checking the attic for any troublesome spots, it’s a great time for hiding from other chores by leafing through old yearbooks or pretending to untangle Christmas lights. You’ll be in the attic so long, someone is sure to offer you a cold drink when you finally emerge from all your hard work.

Look for pest entry points. Rodents are looking for a warm place to nest for the winter, so make sure it isn’t your garage, attic or basement. Consider hiring an exterminator to examine potential entry points to your home and seal them up. Be particularly aware of the corners of attic areas and storage rooms, where rodents often hide.

Make repairs to driveways and sidewalks. A crack that’s perfectly visible in summer may become a snow-dusted trip hazard in winter. Seal up or repair any cracks in the driveway or sidewalk and prevent injuries. In addition, a small crack can be easily expanded by winter moisture, turning a minutes-long repair fall into a major problem by spring.

Walk the roof. Take a few minutes to visually inspect your roof from the outside, or if you’re a bit afraid of heights, hire a professional to examine it. Look for loose or missing shingles that could cause a leak during the winter months.

Clean up landscaping. One of the most effective, yet simple home maintenance tips is simply to trim trees and clean up landscaping. An early spring storm could send a tree branch crashing through a window, so take time now to remove dead branches and trim overgrown bushes.

Clean out gutters. Whether you’re growing a tiny farm of mini-maple trees in your gutter from the spring, or there are just a few leaves up there, it’s a good time to clean out the gutters. Otherwise, heavy fall rains could cause a leak in a window or into the basement. It’s not a pleasant job, but it’s a relatively easy fix to prevent major problems.

When it’s time to make a list of home maintenance tips, Dani Beyer Real Estate has you covered! We know that selling your home is so much easier when it’s been cared for over the years, and these tips help ensure that the jobs are always small and manageable.

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