Dani Beyer Real Estate as a Spotify Wrapped List

If you could compare the Dani Beyer Real Estate year to a Spotify wrapped year, it would look a little bit like this:

Most Popular Streaming Genre – Buyers

R&B/Hip-Hop was the top streaming genre in music, and this year, for Dani Beyer Real Estate, that is our buyers. Let’s call them Drakes. (Drake was the #1 streamed artist in the US on Spotify).

We had 121 buyers, er Drakes, with Dani Beyer Real Estate this year! Things looked up for Drakes this year compared to the previous two years. Inventory is now up just under two months on the market, which is 30% higher than it was this time last year. This means that buyers have more homes to choose from. That was certainly not the case 2020-2021. Inventory was record low, so to get an opportunity at a home, you had to act crazy fast and usually offer way over listing.

That’s also a shift we’re seeing in the market: ask price to sales price is now sitting around 98% which means more wiggle room for buyers.

Most Streamed Song – Sellers

Harry Styles’ “As It Was” was the top streamed song in the US. (Don’t sleep on Harry Styles. He’s a bop.) So we shall call our sellers, Harrys. Dani Beyer Real Estate had the pleasure of helping 85 Harrys sell their houses. (Get it? Harry’s House was the album “As It Was” came from. It’s not funny if we have to explain it, guys.) 

Although things are looking up for Drakes, it doesn’t mean that it’s not still a Harry’s market. The average sales price in the Kansas City metro is $340,00, which is still up 10% from this time last year and means that Harry’s are still getting good prices for their homes. 

The average day a home is on the market is up a bit, around the 20-28 day range, but the majority of our Harrys are selling their homes faster than the market average.

Overall, for Drakes and Harrys, Drakes are having more opportunity, but listing prices are still good for Harrys.

 Most Streamed Artist – Dani Beyer Real Estate

You may love to hate her, or you may be a Swiftie, but either way, Taylor Swift is one of the most streamed artists both in the US and globally. Therefore, Dani Beyer Real Estate will now be referred to as Taylor Swift for the rest of this blog.

Our team ranked 8th out of 12,000 plus Kansas City metro real estate agents. That is four places higher than last year! Still in the top 1% amongst the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors, our closed volume was $73,602,171! This is all thanks to our clients – the Drakes and Harrys of Taylor Swift Real Estate.  

In addition to these amazing stats, Dani Beyer was chosen to be a host for “Selling Kansas City,” for American Dream TV, a national television show highlighting lifestyle & real estate in Kansas City. Check out our latest episodes here!

About 90% of our business comes from referrals or repeat clients. To us, what that means is you trust us. Bottom line, that means the world to the Dani Beyer Real Estate team. We work hard, day, nights and weekends to make sure you feel listened to, cared for, advocated for and understood. We ensure our agents are well-educated, experienced and supported, so that they have what they need to be the best agent for you.

And “team” is a key part of who we are. Although to you, you may just be working with a single agent, that agent has a team to bounce ideas off, learn from and get support from, should they need it.

It’s important to us that you know we desire a relationship after the sale is complete. We’re here to offer you a library of vendor references should you need them for a home repair, refinancing and more. We also conduct free webinars on topics that may interest you or a friend, like Selling in a Seller’s Market or First-time Home Buyers webinar. And because we’re a lot of fun, we also host many client events like a Royal’s tailgate, Sweets with Santa and other dinners/happy hours that always include some killer giveaways.

Dani Beyer Real Estate KC Royals tailgateDani Beyer Real Estate KC Royals tailgateDani Beyer Real Estate KC Royals tailgate

Thank you, dear and loyal clients, for making 2022 a successful year for Dani Beyer Real Estate.

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