For more than 10 years, Casa Bella Construction and its team of award-winning builders and designers have provided tasteful, affordable luxury homes to Kansas City residents. Owned and operated by Russ and Lise Groshans, Casa Bella sets the industry standard in luxury home development and design. Defined by a signature design, integrity and drive for perfection, each home is custom built to fit the wants and needs of every client. With a growing demand for new residential construction in 2015, we caught up with Russ Groshans to get a deeper look inside luxury home development.

Russ & Lise Groshans of Casa Bella Construction

 Lise & Russ Groshans, Casa Bella Construction

Casa Bella Construction

What sets Casa Bella apart from other build teams?

“We’re set apart by our design. We build homes with a tasteful, thoughtful blend of popular and enduring mediums. We pay attention to the details; I have obsessive-compulsive tendencies so when I build a home, I think of it as my home – what would I want in my own home – and I refuse to negotiate in terms of quality; only the finest building mediums are used. It’s that attention to detail that sets us apart from spec builders. We are truly custom homebuilders who give our clients what they want.”


What drove you to change career paths?

“It started out as a retirement trade. As a Police Officer, everything was so structured; my creative passion felt unsatisfied. I had always wanted to design my own homes and in 2002, I saw a niche in the market for affordable, luxury homes. It was the right decision; the first home we built in 2003 was named the American Dream Grand Award Winner, and sold right after.”


What current trends have you seen emerge in luxury home development?

The biggest trend would have to be Green, environmentally conscious homes. High efficiency units, pumps, air conditioners, upgraded insulation… utility costs are lower and it’s safer for the environment.

Outdoor spaces are another. Clients come to us wanting outdoor living spaces, covered decks and porches, outdoor fireplaces with built-in TV spaces.

High-end finishes in the lower level… basements with full kitchens, wet bars with granite countertops and up-lighted shelving. Everyone wants a home theatre.

Built-ins are becoming standard. Charging stations, wine components, shelving units, television mounts.

We’re building open floor plans with less square footage. It’s not like ten years ago when you had to have a 7,000 sq. ft. lot on a golf course in order to own a luxury home. We use open floor plans to help eliminate redundant rooms… ultimately, you pay for the space you’re going to use.

Home trends are strange, because what’s popular now won’t be popular in ten years – the Tuscan style homes of the 90’s are the best example. For year’s, clients wanted the clay roof, the stucco exterior. Today it’s passé. When building a home, you want it to outlast the trends; something not too modern or too overdone. We’re in the business of timeless designs: clean lines, open floor plans, and enduring mediums.”


Enduring mediums including…?

“Exposed, distressed hardwood beams for the ceiling; cut-stone fireplaces; Beachwood cabinetry and wide plank oak floors; composite, weather-proofed decking; granite countertops… it’s all in the details. We play on the soft and hard materials to provide durable and beautiful results.”


Casa Bella Construction

 What are some of the day-to-day challenges you face in this business?

“I think any builder would agree that the biggest challenge in this industry is meeting market demands while maintaining and managing expectations. Market conditions and home building requirements are constantly changing; you have to account for building permits, time frames, building and energy codes, price increases, new insulation requirements… every job is different.”


How do you manage your clients’ expectations? How do you keep everyone on the same page, in terms of price and time frame?

“When you’re working a fixed-price build, there’s a threat of margin erosion; priorities change and late changes can put the home over budget. To avoid this, we have Job Specification sheets to help our clients tell us exactly what they want in their home. They tell us design features, amenities, materials… if we know what they want before we even sign the contract, we can stay on budget and stay on time. If they want to change something minor after that, like choosing a different countertop finish, we can make it happen. We do walk-throughs during the building process so the home owners get exactly what they’re paying for.”


What advice do you have for first time builders?

“Building a home doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Pick an experienced team who shares the same vision as you, and don’t settle when it comes to quality. You can have the home you’ve always wanted.” – RG


Casa Bella Construction – Award Winning Designs Since 2003
2014 Kansas City Home & Garden Home of the Year Gold Award | 2014 Kansas City Home & Garden Home of the Year Silver Award | Pick of the Parade Grand Award Winner | Distinctive Design & Plan Grand Prize | 2014 Fall Parade of Homes Top Honor | 2013 American Dream Grand Award Winner | 2013 Spring Parade of Homes Top Honor



And so it begins!
Casa Bella Construction has broken ground for our clients’ new custom home! Congratulations – we can’t wait to see your completed vision!

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