Whether you’re selling or just enjoying your home, these are good spring home maintenance tips.Forget dust bunnies and cobwebs. Your spring cleaning is about to be elevated to the next level with Dani Beyer Real Estate. You need more than just a good duster and mop because these home maintenance tips will keep your home in good repair and help you preserve its value.

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or you simply want to enjoy your home at its best, here are some good home maintenance tips to add to your spring cleaning list:

Clean your gutters: Don a pair of rubber gloves and get out your sturdiest ladder. Remove debris from gutters with your hands, then use your hose to flush out any remaining dirt and plant material. You can push your hose into downspouts to flush out gooseneck bends and be sure that your downspout is directed at least five feet away from foundation walls.

Scrub: This is a good time to clean all those parts of your house that you don’t notice are dirty until you invite your boss over for dinner. You know, like that greasy light switch plate or the fingerprints along the hallway wall. Scrub walls and baseboards with a soft sponge and a mild cleaner, then take outlet covers off and scrub them. Make sure they’re completely dry before screwing them back in place.

Replace filters: It’s time to replace all the filters you didn’t know you had. Your water filter, range and air vent filters all need to be replaced every three to six months. Oh, so you’ve never replaced them? There’s never been a better time to try it.

Clean showerheads and faucets: Unscrew showerheads and faucets and soak them in vinegar and water. This may be a task that you never realized you should include on your spring cleaning, but once you see the build-up, you’ll be sure to do this every year.

Clear out your dryer vent: A lint-filled dryer vent is a fire hazard. Pull the dryer out to remove the vent from the machine. You can use a dryer vent brush to remove the lint. Then go outside and use the dryer vent brush to clean the other end. Make sure the flap moves freely.

Clean exterior windows: Hire someone. Seriously, this is a job that can take all day and if you are in danger of bailing out on your spring cleaning list because of this daunting task, just hire it out.

Eliminate dust: You may be focused on dusting the mini-blinds (another terrible task that makes it tempting to just throw them away and start over) or your shell collection, but dust often lurks because of simply owning too many unused things. Think about that stack of untouched National Geographic magazines or your bean bag from college. Toss unused belongings and you’ll have cleaner air in your home.

Home maintenance tips may not get you excited about spring quite like the appearance of the first crocus or firing up your barbeque. If you take time to care for your home, you’ll get more enjoyment out of your home and have fewer tasks to tackle if you ever decide to sell.

For more home maintenance tips or to talk about the possibility of putting your home on the market, contact us at Dani Beyer Real Estate.

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