Home staging tips will add to the charm of your home, while making it feel more spacious.You’ve fixed the leaky faucet, torn out the overgrown bushes out front and put a fresh coat of paint on every surface. Now, it’s time to place your home on the market, but there’s one more important step. Consider these five reasons to try home staging tips from Dani Beyer Real Estate for a quick sale:

You’ll present your home in the best possible light. While you know not to have your dirty socks all over your bedroom floor or to showcase your best and tallest beer can pyramid, there are some other tricks that an experienced home staging expert can use to show off the best features in your home and minimize any potential drawbacks.

Home staging shows you’ve cared for and invested in your home. When you use our home staging tips, you’ll be sending a message to buyers that you’ve maintained your home well and you’re excited to show it off. It sends the impression that the home has been meticulously loved and cared for over your years of ownership.

Your house will seem more spacious. A buyer shouldn’t bump into a dresser that’s too close to the door or have to slide sideways to get past your dining room chairs. A home staging professional will find ways to open up rooms by rearranging or removing items that are giving the illusion of a cramped space. After staging, many home sellers are surprised at how big their home suddenly feels.

Potential buyers will have an easier time imaging their own lives happening in your house. If you have a particular decorating style or if your home is practically wallpapered with family pictures, it can be distracting to buyers. They’ll see pictures of your family and think “Oh, so this is their home.” You’ll want a neutral look that encourages them to see themselves in your home.

It makes a great first impression. Using home staging tips from Dani Beyer Real Estate helps expand the concept of curb appeal to your entire house. Both the exterior and interior of your house should be presented in an attractive style that makes the potential buyers want to know more about the property. The clean, inviting entry and classic landscaping should lead them to come inside, where neutral but stylish décor shows off the best features of the home.

If you’d like to begin exploring home staging tips or if you have questions about getting your home ready for a quick sale, contact us at Dani Beyer Real Estate.

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