Home Maintenance Checklist for a Stress-free Summer

June is upon us, which means that summer is just around the corner! If your year has been anything like ours, it has flown by. How is it already summer? After all the snow we had this winter and our usual wet springtime, we’re hoping the ground stays wet enough for a hot summer. (Wow, do we sound old? Only old people talk about the weather and moisture levels, right?) ANYWAY, no matter what the condition is like in your area, you’ll want to follow this summer home maintenance checklist that we’ve put together for you.


  1. Get those windows squeaky clean. The snow, slush, wind and rain, all mixed with dirt and mud, mean that your windows have surely taken a beating. It’s time to clean the inside AND outside of your windows, the window sills and frames.If you didn’t replace any torn screens before springtime, now would be the time to do that as well. You don’t want any pesky insects making their way inside your home!
  2. Pretty up the yard. 
    home maintenance checklist

    Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

    If you haven’t already planted flowers or gotten your yard and sprinkler system in order, now is the time! Weed the garden beds, lay down fresh mulch or low-maintenance rock and plant those vegetables in a sunny spot!

    You’re sure to host many nights on the deck, so get the party lights up, spiff up your outdoor furniture and stain the deck or fence if needed.

    For detailed tips on keeping your summer garden in tip top shape, check out this article!

  3. The ever-dreaded gutter cleaning… It seems like every time we share a seasonal home maintenance checklist, gutter cleaning is part of it. It’s never a fun one, getting up on a ladder or the roof, especially if you despise heights as much as we do. But no one wants a clogged gutter, because they cause even more issues than shaky legs on a ladder. And if you truly loathe gutter cleaning, maybe it’s time to hire someone (like our preferred vendor, A Cleaner Image) or perhaps it’s even time to install some gutter covers.
  4. Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors This is another annoying home task, because you’ve either been trying to ignore that annoying chirp of the low-battery or, again, you hate ladders. But there’s not much that could be more important than having active smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. They could literally save your lives. So take 20 minutes to check each detector in your home and consider upgrading to hard-wired or 10-year battery detectors.
  5. Wait, we have baseboards? Ahh, the ever-forgotten item in your home to clean. Who has time or patience to get on their hands and knees and wipe down baseboards? House cleaners. Hire one. The end.All it takes is a wet cloth, airpods and a good playlist or podcast and you won’t even realize how annoyed you are.
  6. It’s getting hot in here… Need we say it for you Kansas City homeowners? Make sure your A/C unit is up for a hot summer…because all of them are. Regular maintenance can prevent the need to call an HVAC company after hours or on a holiday when you’ll pay double to no sweat in places that shouldn’t have sweat.

If you’re a current or past client of Dani Beyer Real Estate, you know our relationship doesn’t just end after the sale or purchase of your home. We always want to be a resource for whatever home needs you have. So beyond providing this summer home maintenance checklist, we also offer a resource page on our website with a list of our preferred vendors for any other home maintenance needs that may arise.

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