the importance of home stagingThe Importance of Home Staging and How it Sells a Home

You’ve mowed the lawn and cleaned the bathroom. Your geraniums are vibrant on the front porch.  You’ve swept, vacuumed, dusted and scrubbed until your house was sparkling. You might think it’s time to put your house on the market and wait for a fast sale, but if you’ve missed the importance of the home staging process, you might end up leaving some cash on the table.

Home staging has gone from being considered a nice touch to being a key part of the process for selling homes quickly and for the highest possible price. Here’s why:

Home staging dresses up your house for its online showing. Just like any other type of purchase today, much of the research and browsing for buying a home occurs online. A home staging specialist knows how to make your home look stunning in online photos, encouraging potential buyers to schedule a showing.

It helps you pack up your non-essentials. One of the benefits of home staging is that it forces you to de-clutter and get started on the daunting task of packing up your entire house. Stash your daughter’s stuffed animal collection, your bean bag chairs and the stacks of National Geographic that you’ve saved since the 1980s. Invest in a small storage unit or send some unused items to a charity to lighten your load.

It neutralizes your home to appeal to a wide range of buyers. You might think everyone would love your apple-themed kitchen décor or your affinity for vintage cuckoo clocks, but a home staging specialist will create a look that helps buyers imaging themselves living there. If your home is completely on-trend, it may even turn off more traditional types. Home staging removes all these barriers.

That cat hair-covered plaid couch. Your furniture may be comfy, but it could also be a little outdated and smell of layer after layer of microwave popcorn and be covered with cat hair. Home staging helps remove smells and replaces worn out armrests and stained cushions with fresh, neutral furniture that won’t distract potential buyers from your home.

Maximize the utility of your home with home staging. The flow of your furniture and the way you’re using rooms may work for your circumstances, but it’s not necessarily the best utilization of space. A home staging expert will be able to maximize the potential of the space and make the home look inviting, practical and roomy.

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