Get insiders’ open house tips to plan a stress-free initial showing of your home.The looming date of an open house is enough to make any home seller’s blood run just a bit chilly, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With Dani Beyer Real Estate selling your home and a few open house tips, you can enjoy a stress-free initial showing of your home. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your open house:

Four weeks before your open house: Start thinking about the day of the open house. Ask your parents to keep the kids, book the kennel for your dog or cat and line-up a contractor to fix all the little repairs that need handling around your home.

If you plan to hire cleaning help, line them up to come the day before the open house. Otherwise, set aside time to do a deep cleaning of your home.

Three weeks before: Give your home a few spots where you can stash personal belongings on the day of the open house or additional showings. A shoebox in each bathroom for razors and other personal items, and a tote bin ready for toys or unsorted mail can be a great way to remove the stress of an open house.

One of the key open house tips involves a mental rehearsal. If your home was being shown today, what would you need to shove out of sight in a few moments’ time? Your Star Wars collection? A half-dozen pairs of shoes that seem to congregate outside your closet? Maybe your husband’s boxers never quite get tucked into the drawer or your son tends to leave video game cords snaking through his room. Think about how you’d clean up fast and make plans to provide ready storage for problem areas.

Two weeks before: Take a look around your house. Is there dust on the ceiling fans or light fixtures? Maybe there are a few fingerprints you’d never noticed before on the light switches. Cleaning up these areas make potential buyers feel like they can move right in.

Power wash your deck, sidewalk and driveway to make the outside of your home sparkle!

One week before: Give your open house visitors full access to your air conditioning unit and furnace so they can determine age and maintenance needs. Clean the inside of your appliances because you won’t want potential buyers wondering what kind of pizza is baked onto your oven racks or if you’ve ever scrubbed the edge of your dishwasher.

Week of the open house: Mow the lawn two days before your open house so that your grass still looks freshly cut, but no allergy sufferers will associate your home with a sneezing fit. Clean your windows to brighten your home with natural light. Dani Beyer Real Estate will make sure that your window treatments are arranged at their best and that your furniture and décor are in prime position for featuring your home.

The Big Day: Remove personal items from the bathrooms and store them in your shoeboxes under the sink. Pick-up any out-of-place items and do a last round of touch up cleaning. Then make a reservation for dinner at your favorite restaurant for the open house time while we take care of selling your home!

These open house tips help you have a stress-free home selling process. Dani Beyer Real Estate makes putting your home on the market an enjoyable (hey, maybe even fun!) time by providing the expertise and support you need to sell your house fast. Contact us for more information. | + posts