We entered the market to buy our new home at the worst time, heading into winter, with limited inventory and lots of other eager buyers. Dani and her team were highly recommended from friends, so we signed up and started shopping. The next 6 months were a whirlwind of ups and downs, with countless showings trying to find the “right” place, and lots of offers being written. Like so many buyers in this crazy sellers market, we were beat out on many houses. We managed to get under contract with one early on, only to find out during inspections that it was a nightmare. Multiple showings and offers later, we finally found the home that was just right for our family. Through all of this, Desi was at our side. She spent countless days, evenings, and weekends driving all over the KC area to show us homes. She was always quick to answer our never ending barrage of text messages and phone calls, day or night. Once we got under contract, for the last time, Desi went out of her way to make sure everything went our way. In the end, she did more work for us than anyone should expect of their agent. Never did we feel pressured or unappreciated. She kept a positive attitude and kept us charging forward even when we were ready to give up and crawl in a hole. She truly became a trusted partner and friend during this process. I’d say our family is going through some separation anxiety after our closing, since we don’t talk to Desi 5 times a day anymore. 🙂 We were very fortunate to have Desi and the rest of the team on our side. Finding good customer service is often difficult in today’s world, but rest assured this team will put you first when you work with them. Thank you Desi for everything. Someday we’ll sell this one and move on to the next. Hope you are ready for that call!

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