Photo credit: Colliers. The Creekside Development is contributing to Parkville’s sustainable growth by offering residential, commercial, and industrial developments.

The New Parkville, MO, Has So Much to Offer!

Has anyone else noticed all the new development in our area? When we say we see a new building everyday, we truly mean it. All sorts of new homes, new retail and new restaurants. The one that we have heard the most about is the upcoming Char Bar – the talk of the town in the uber fast developing New Parkville, MO, also known as Creekside. Another restaurant to add to our list of great places to hang out in our area – check! This is the need-to-know on what you are not going to want to miss from our upcoming Char Bar.

The Need-to-know On Char Bar

The culinary scene in Parkville is as diverse as it is delightful. From cozy cafes serving artisanal coffee to charming restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, Parkville caters to every palate. And now, with the imminent arrival of Char Bar Smoked Meats & Amusements, the city is set to tantalize taste buds with its new southern-inspired smokehouse.

According to James Westphal, one of the partners of the Culinary Virtue Restaurant Collective, Char Bar’s aim goes beyond serving fantastic barbecue. “We wanted to not only serve fantastic barbecue, but we really wanted to provide a menu that offered something for people who like a variety of choices,” he mentioned. This diverse menu features chef specialties such as burnt ends and ribs, alongside a selection of salads, platters and sides.

Char Bar at Creekside promises to offer seasonal and specialty beverages, a renowned feature from their Westport location, alongside their famous smoking gun cocktail infused with wood smoke.

The name “Char Bar” was carefully chosen to reflect the distinctive cooking process used at the restaurant. The giant Southern Pride BBQ Smokers and wood-fired grill, where meat is cooked over an open flame, inspired the name “Char” as a nod to this process. The addition of “Bar” to the name signifies not just a place for food but also a destination for enjoying adult beverages.

Lucky for us Northlanders, Char Bar Parkville will be opening at the end of November! We are all on the edge of our seats in anticipation, so hold on tight because it will be here soon.

Why Are We Excited? Pickelball!

Among common bar games, a spike in interest in one game in particular will be the star of Char Bar: Pickleball! Pickleball is a sport that is on the rise in popularity amongst all age groups. Not only will it have the traditional outdoor courts, Char Bar will also have indoor courts to enjoy the game all year round! The new 6,000-square-foot establishment will have approximately 200 indoor seats and 50 outdoor seats along their six pickleball courts (with four of the courts being indoor, climate controlled). They also plan to offer annual memberships, for all you Pickleballers!

Pickleball can be played as singles or doubles which makes it the perfect way to pass time while you wait for delicious Char Bar BBQ. As a team that is extremely competitive, we know we will be burning all those calories off just to consume them again, preferably at Happy Hour!

If you are looking for a new Happy Hour location, Char Bar will be a top spot. Monday through Friday, 3- 6 p.m., Char Bar will have “Four Buck” to “Seven Buck” options that include an array of drinks and snacks. Their full menu, including their Happy Hour menu, is coming soon so all their mouth watering specialties will be available for us to dream about. If Happy Hour isn’t your jam, maybe brunch is. As brunch loving girlies, having a new hot spot for the family to enjoy is super exciting.

I (Amber) absolutely loved going to Char Bar (near the Plaza) on a chilly night and enjoying their fire pit while chowing down on a Jalapeno Cheese Corn Bake or sipping a crisp Peach Mimosa on a mid Sunday morning. When I moved up to Parkville, Char Bar was one spot I knew I was going to miss. With the new location being only about a seven-minute drive from my house, (maybe I have already timed it) I am so excited to create new memories with my family and see my daughter love it just as much as I do. We are definitely going to be teaching her Bags young so that she is a pro by next Chiefs season.

As some of you may have caught from the title of this blog, I’ve mentioned Pups. That’s right, Char Bar is a dog friendly location. Before I became a baby mom, I was a dog mom and my furry babies came with me everywhere. We loved going to Bar K, Char Bar Kansas City and some of the local parks, but everything was always just a bit too far away for us to go consistently. Having the option to bring our fur babies with us again is such a special opportunity. I know many of us bring our pups everywhere so being able to get a great meal, enjoy some fun yard games, and hang out with the furry and non furry friends we love all in one location makes Char Bar that much more enjoyable.

The “New Parkville, MO

Char Bar is one of so many different businesses and developments in the Creekside area. The Creekside development, which is located near Interstate 435 and Hwy 45, is bringing in about a million visitors each year with the baseball fields that host tournaments, camps and practices. The amount of money that just the fields are bringing to Parkville alone is amazing. Baseball fields, hotels, retail, new construction and apartments are all creating the New Parkville, MO. Not to take away from other areas of Parkville, this new addition just makes our area that much better.

So what do you do if you want to be closer to this action? Move? If you want to, there are a ton of great opportunities. Whether it is renting or owning your own home, finding what works best for you is possible in Creekside. If you are thinking owning is the route you want to take, these “New Parkville” options may be in your future.

Creekside Village Townhomes are all currently under contract or have been sold. Hopefully further development continues with these more affordable options for new construction. Two plan options are currently set for these townhomes. Both layouts are 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 2 car garage homes with just slightly different square footage. If you are looking for a new construction home with the advantage of lawn maintenance included, this could be a great option. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that more townhomes are developed.

Like Creekside Village Townhomes, The Meadows at Creekside are also hard to come by with currently only one property being available to purchase. When these homes are available, they range from 3-4 bedroom homes with 2-3 bathrooms and, like the townhomes, include lawn maintenance.

The Woods at Creekside have slightly more options available currently, but new options come up every day. This includes new construction but also homes that are a few years old which is the best of both worlds if you are looking for new without it all being new construction. Layouts range from ranches, two-stories and split level homes. We love a reverse home, so whenever those come up, they are always on our “go check out” list.

While we are going to check out the list of homes in Creekside, we know our after showings stop will be Char Bar. Whether it is with family or clients, we know it will be an amazing spot to hang out. We cannot wait to see what this New Parkville, MO, continues to do and what it will bring to our area.

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