kansas city realtorWhether you’re a first time home seller or this is the fourth house you’ve sold, it’s important that the relationship you have with your realtor is a trusted and respected one. To be honest, sometimes your realtor can feel like your BFF or even therapist (by no means are we saying we’re qualified to be your therapist, FYI. BFF? Totally possible.) We would love to be the Kansas City realtor you choose for all your home needs, but really, we care more about you finding the right one. So here are some questions that would be good for you to ask to ensure you’re making the right choice.

How long have you been an agent?
Don’t instantly write off an agent who is in their first year (especially if they’re working under a very experienced team lead, like Dani Beyer!), but there can be some reassurance that comes with some years under their belt.

What are your stats or track record?
This answer can help ease your mind about the first question. If the agent is in their first couple years but is killing the game, their “greenness” may not be as much of a concern.

What’s your buyer vs. seller ratio?
Depending on your real estate need, this is a great question to ask. If the realtor is part of a team, they most likely have specialists that will put your mind at ease if you’re the buyer or seller (or both!). If you’re a seller, and you’re interviewing a solo Kansas City realtor, it could be a concern if they’ve mostly just helped clients buy homes.

How do you plan to market my home?
You need to know what the plan is as a seller. If it’s a hot market with low inventory (like the past couple years in Kansas City), there may not be a lot that has to be done from a marketing standpoint. Either way, there should be a detailed plan, and it should be followed through.

Have you sold homes in this neighborhood?
If an agent has already sold homes in your neighborhood, that’s a major plus. They know the community, the HOA benefits, the vibe and how to market the area. We just so happen to have a few neighborhoods under our belt – check out the guides we’ve created here!

Do you have some referrals or reviews you could share with me?
A successful realtor will have no problems getting clients and colleagues to speak on their behalf. Do your homework and check out their Google, Zillow and social media reviews!

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This is a short list of many questions you could ask, but just remember that this is a big decision, and you deserve answers if you’re going to entrust a potential stranger to become your BFF AND sell your home. And these are just questions to ask before you enter a contract with your Kansas City realtor. There’s an entire separate list to ask once that contract is signed. Stay tuned for that in the near future.

And to help you get ahead on that interview with us, check out this video to see what makes Dani Beyer Real Estate unique and one of the top Kansas City real estate teams in the metro.


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