Travel from KS to MO in One Day Visiting SERV and LEAD Innovation Studio

We’re mixing things up on episode 5 of Selling Kansas City. Instead of Dani Beyer hosting, one of the Real Estate Agents for the Dani Beyer team, Tara Gase stepped in to take us on a journey through the Kansas City Metro.


Our first stop was south of the river in Overland Park, Kansas. In this spot we were highlighting a new pickleball and entertainment venue, SERV. Tara met with Conner Basnight, Pickleball Director. Conner shared a stat – pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America. Part of the draw is the fact that it doesn’t require previous experience or even a ton of athleticism. It’s a fun mix of tennis and ping-pong. SERV hosts six climate controlled indoor courts and two outdoor courts.

When it comes to the food being SERVed (sorry, we had to), there’s something for everyone’s taste. From coffee, to bagels, burgers and pizza, plus tacos, BBQ, healthy options and ice cream, nine different food vendors are ready to fill your food craving.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique spot to host your private event, SERV could be the spot for you. From an intimate gathering to a massive party of over 1,000, SERV offers a variety of event venue options.

LEAD Innovation Studio

Now we travel north of the Missouri River to Parkhill School Dsitrict’s LEAD Innovation Studio. Dr. Chris Early, Principal of LEAD Innovation Studio took the time to meet with us and share the story behind LEAD. He explained that the LEAD Innovation Studio is a choice for all highschool students in the Parkhill School District.

LEAD is like any other high-school with full-day programs, but it’s a more innovative, immersive and flexible learning environment. It’s based on three pillars; mentorship, self-directed learning and project-based learning.

The beautiful, modern building provides areas called flex spaces for self-directed learning. It includes many open spaces with screens to project work right outside classrooms. This setup is so that students can get their content in the classrooms and then step outside to continue with self-directed learning.

Instead of teachers staying in the same classroom all day or going to their own offices, LEAD created a Think Tank. This is a space teachers share so that instead of staying siloed in their own rooms, they can bounce ideas off each other and even develop cross-curriculum collaboration.

There is so much more LEAD Innovation Studio has to offer students, so be sure to check out their website for more information.

This episode goes to show that our beloved Kansas City metro stretches across two states, with so much to offer its citizens. From fun to education, Kansas City has it all.

We have loved going on this journey from real estate agents to TV hosts, but most of all, we’ve loved being able to showcase our incredible city to the world thanks to American Dream TV. We’re truly living it, and we’re so grateful that you’ve come along with us.

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