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Last summer, there was a lot of time to get everything checked off your 2020 home maintenance checklist. We were in the midst of a pandemic and many of us were under a stay at home order or things still weren’t super open, so we were staying home anyway. That made space for that summer checklist we usually put off. Now, things are back open, many people are vaccinated and summer activities are back in full swing. However, we still have to make time to keep our homes in tip top shape!

Spruce up those windows and siding.

With all the spring pollen (hopefully) making its last windy sweep, your windows, doors and even siding may be screaming for a clean up. So, it’s time to get the windex and the pressure washer out!

And while you’re washing your windows, be sure to check screens for any rips or damage springs storms may have done. Screens help keep dirt AND bugs out. Need we say more?

Clean up ceiling fans.

If you didn’t already do this in the spring, ceiling fans are a simple, quick clean, but one that is often neglected. If you think about it, though, no one wants something spinning small dust particles around the room at a high rate of speed. 

An easy way to clean ceiling fans is to grab a microfiber cloth and wipe down each blade (surely we don’t have to remind you to turn the fan off before doing this task). If there are lights on your fan, now is a good time to take down each globe and wash them in the sink with some milk soap and water. Make sure all your lightbulbs are working as well!

Stain decks and fences.

Most deck and fencing companies recommend waiting a year to start staining your surface. So if a new fence or deck was a quarantine project, (and if you were lucky enough to find lumber last year) now would be the time to start staining. It is a hot time of year for this task, so be sure to start early in the morning and wear your sunscreen and protective sunwear! 

Stay on top of air conditioning maintenance.

This should really be at the top of the list. In the midwest, we get some gnarly heat waves and those A/C units can struggle to keep up if they’re not up to par. No matter what kind of cooling system you have, it’s best to change the filter once a month. And if you didn’t have an HVAC company come out in the spring to make sure your unit was in tip top shape, it’s a good idea to do that now instead of paying double on a holiday or weekend when your unit breaks down. 

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