Dani Beyer Real Estate Team Member Spotlight: Tara GaseToday, it’s time to learn all about Buyer’s Specialist, Tara Gase. Tara is newer to the Dani Beyer Real Estate team, but what a perfect fit! Anyone who loves wine, real estate and loves to laugh, well, that’s a good start. A fun part to Tara’s story is that she is a client turned employee! Tara may not be married to Keith Urban, but she has been known to be compared to Nicole Kidman in looks. Okay, we’ll stop spoiling all the fun details and let you read for yourself! 

Q: What’s your favorite hobby?

A: I like to be crafty when I can – sewing, knitting, mosaic projects, things around my house! (Who votes for Tara to make us matching scarves for our Sweets With Santa team photo?!)

Q: What famous person would play you in a movie?

A: Nicole Kidman (and I only say that because people have told me I remind them of her ????????‍♀️) 

Q: What drink describes you best and why?

A: Chardonnay because it’s light and fun and most people like it! It’s also my drink of choice so… 

Q: What’s your favorite activity to do in Kansas City?

A: I love to walk the Line Creek Trail and pretty much anything outside. I also love to hop on the streetcar and stop at various places downtown along the way. And I love concerts at Starlight and Crossroads. It’s so hard to pick just one! 

Q: What do you love most about being an agent on the Dani Beyer Real Estate team?

A: I love the mentorship and support provided by everyone on the team. I know that I’ll always have someone to help me. And everyone is freaking hilarious!!! I adore how much we laugh! 

Q: How did you get started in real estate?

A: I’ve always enjoyed watching the market and never forgot the feeling of buying my first home. Dani helped me buy my home in Kansas City, and I’ve always admired her and how she runs her business. So when I was ready for a career change, I knew that joining this team was a no-brainer! 

Q: What is your design aesthetic?

A: My style is very eclectic! If I see something I love and that brings me joy, I try to incorporate it into my home. I like to mix and match and do what makes me feel happy!

Make sure to give Tara a warm welcome by dropping her a comment on our Facebook or Instagram page! We’re highlighting her on our profiles today, too, so we’d love for you to say hi. As our team keeps growing, there are more Team Member Spotlights to come in the next few weeks, so make sure you’re checking back in! Also, if you’re ready to buy a home, reach out to Tara via email at tara@danibeyer.com or give her a call on her cell at 816-516-9596. 

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