Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website! My goal is to provide helpful, timely information to my current clients, past clients, and people that will become clients in the future. I have been wanting to create my own real estate-ish site for several years, but haven’t really found a good example of one that I could model my site after. So… I had to start from scratch.

One of the main problems I came across when defining the different parts of my website was that there are 3 different groups of people that I want to be able to help: Buyers (people that are just beginning to think about buying a home who may still be a year or two out, people that are ready to get started and want to move in the next few months, active buyer clients that my team is currently working with, and clients who are under contract on a home and haven’t closed yet), Sellers (people who are actively working towards putting their home on the market, clients whose homes are on the market currently, and clients whose homes are under contract but haven’t yet closed), and Owners (clients who have already purchased a home and are not actively trying to sell). Buyers, Sellers, and Owners all have different wants and needs in regards to information and options on a website. Buyers probably want the ability to search for homes that are for sale easily and to be able to save the ones they like in a list. Buyers may also want more information about certain neighborhoods or specific properties, and they might like the ability to request a showing from a website. Sellers need to know information about the recent sales in their area, showing activity, staging advice, etc. Sellers should be able to request a price opinion appointment online so that my team can help them determine if now is a good time to sell. Owners would probably benefit from general information about how to maintain and protect their biggest investment. And I’m guessing that most people are interested in current market conditions!

The other main problem with putting my website in action? Blogging (or the lack thereof). Every conference that I have attended, every webinar that I’ve listened to, and every real estate marketing article that I read tells me that I should blog. Actually, they tell me that I should have been blogging for YEARS already. Blogging has been on my to-do list for the past few years, but I was afraid to actually do it. Do I really have a lot to talk about? Do I have valuable information to share? I sure hope so, because I’m going to give it a shot!

I would love to hear your blog topic suggestions and feedback on my (work in progress!) website. Reach out to me here or feel free to email me at dani.beyer@gmail.com. You can also call or text me at 816.716.5172.

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