Find out what to look for in a real estate agent for a smooth and quick selling process.When it comes to a quick and satisfying home buying process, you need the right agent. How can you know whether an agent is a good negotiator who will go to bat for you? Learning what to look for in a real estate agent is an important part of home buying success.

You know you can trust your agent. Not only are you planning to have your agent act as your representative when showcasing your home in an open house, there are multiple stages of the buying and selling process where you’ll be receiving guidance and insight from your agent. They’ll have a good read on when it’s time to walk away from an offer or when you need to push through on a repair you want on your new house. The key is that you need to be able to trust them when you get to these critical moments.

They know the area. Your agent should be able to talk to potential buyers about the schools, shopping areas and other benefits of living in your home. They’ll need to know how to accurately price your home based on comparisons with recently sold nearby houses.

They have a great track record. What industry accolades have they received? Are they listing other homes in your area, and how quickly did they secure a contract for these houses? You should choose an agent that is actively selling homes and is clearly enthusiastic about helping people move on to a new chapter.

They’re not flying solo. One thing you should look for in a real estate agent is solid backup. If your agent is on vacation and you want to put an offer in on a house, who’s available to write a contract at 8 p.m. on a Sunday evening? You want to work with an agent who’s working a team approach with other real estate agents or with assistants that can help you get to the next step in your sales process if your agent is unavailable.

They’re invested in you. It’s much more satisfying to shop new homes with an agent who gets excited when there’s a potentially good match, or who gets a bit frustrated on your behalf when someone beats your offer. You want an agent who’s invested in your process. Some of this comes down to personal chemistry, but it’s also stemming from an agent who loves what they do and is passionate about families finding the right homes.

Read what a couple of our clients at Dani Beyer Real Estate had to say about choosing the right real estate agent:

I was very impressed with Dani and her team. They sold my home in only eight days and made the entire process as easy as possible for me and my family.


We ran into a few bumps in the process, but Dani helped make it all manageable. During the buying and selling process, I had a newborn, which added an extra layer of stress. Dani was extremely helpful in all aspects from staging to making repairs and always had solid recommendations for nearly every home service. Even after the transaction portion is completed, she will check on you to see how things are going. Is a Forever Realtor a thing? Because that’s Dani Beyer.

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