Maybe Condo Living IS for you! Check out Kansas City Condos for Sale.

In the past few years, buyers haven’t had the luxury of choosing from a vast variety of homes for sale. In a low inventory market, buyers have been at the mercy of what seller’s have to offer. This has required some home buyers to consider thinking outside the real estate market box. Perhaps they never envisioned building a home or choosing a fixer upper. If you’re still in the home search and you never thought you’d consider living in a condominium, here’s why we suggest considering looking at Kansas City condos for sale.

Amenities and Other Perks

Condo living usually comes with some pretty great perks like low maintenance living. Like, really low maintenance when it comes to yard work. If you kill your balcony plants, that’s on you. But unless you’re ground level and truly desire mowing a square foot of lawn, forget the need to purchase a lawn mower, weed eater, edger, leaf blower – see how much money we’ve already saved you first-time home owners?

In addition, you’re often not responsible for other repairs inside the condo like a leaky roof, window replacements, lobby carpet and more because you’re paying condo association dues. Therefore, someone else will take care of those home-owner headaches for you.

Condos also usually offer gyms, pools, party decks or event spaces, grocery delivery services and other conveniences (and money savers!) to consider.

kansas city condos for sale

Image by Emilie Farris from Pixabay


Generally speaking, the location of Kansas City condos for sale are in the heart of the city’s business district, all the best restaurants and good shopping. These are the locations where it feels like you can have it all: space, security, walkability, proximity, convenience, city views and more! 


According to Hannah Jones from, last year, on average, home buyers paid 6.7% less for condos (and other attached home types) than for single family homes in the U.S. 

Beyond the lower listing prices of condos, when you consider the utilities and other potential amenities that condo fees cover, you’re most likely saving money on internet, water, trash and gym memberships. In addition, you could consider going car-free for a while and utilizing Kansas City’s free streetcar or public transport plus walking during pleasant weather. You’ll also find cost savings in insurance prices.

If we have convinced you to even just start taking a look at the Kansas City condos for sale right now, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our buyer’s agents at Dani Beyer Real Estate. | + posts