Why it Might be the Ideal Time for Buying a House

You may not think of December as a great time for buying a house, but it turns out to have a few advantages. Baking cookies, wrapping gifts, trimming the tree and buying a house: these are the time-honored traditions for a happy holiday season, right? If the thought of house-hunting during the holidays isn’t your cup of egg nog, you might want to take a step back. For those looking to buy soon, the motivation to jump into the market between caroling and a-wassailing (don’t worry, they’re the same thing) might not be too difficult to pull together. Take a look at some great reasons to think about buying a house this holiday season:

Sellers are channeling their inner St. Nick: Okay, so maybe they aren’t exactly generous as much as really ready to sell their home, but the effect is the same. You can get a price during the winter that is better than other times of the year since typically not as many people are looking to buy during the holidays. Nobody’s engaging in a bidding war with you, and you can make a cool-headed decision about how you would like to negotiate the deal.

There are other financial motivators, such as the potential for lower interest rates when demand is down on the housing market. Talk with our realtors at Dani Beyer Real Estate to learn more about the financial benefits of buying a house during the holidays.

Everyone’s motivated: It’s not just the sellers that want to get this deal done. From the seller’s agent to the title company, there isn’t a party involved that isn’t wanting to wrap up their books before it’s time to pop open the champagne at New Year’s. This means you could have an expedited closing process and if a last-minute hiccup does occur, everyone will be pulling to get it pushed through. Not a bad spot to be in!

Tinsel can’t hide much: In the spring and summer, you might be tempted to buy a house you don’t love, just because the tulips are in full bloom and the lush, green grass is distracting you from some ominous-looking cracks in the foundation. In the wintertime, you see a potential purchase in the full, glaring light of winter. If you absolutely love it, congratulations. You’ll love it even more, come spring.

Better accessibility: Sure, the holidays are a crazy time of year, but that’s mostly in the evenings and on weekends. You’ll find that inspectors, loan officers and everyone else involved in your home-buying process may be slower during December and ready to help you finalize your sale.

A move during the holidays sounded stressful just a few minutes ago, and now you’re picturing where your Christmas tree will look best in your new house, aren’t you? If you’re already mentally in front of your new fireplace, snuggled up and admiring the stockings hanging from the mantel, you’d better contact us at Dani Beyer Real Estate. We’re ready to help you make your holiday dreams come true!

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