Dani Beyer Real Estate discusses how your favorite color may be keeping you from selling your home.If selling your home is in your future, there’s a lot to consider. You’ll want to touch up the landscaping, clean out clutter and update tired cabinet hardware and light fixtures. Another area that could make all the difference in trying to move your home into the “sold” category? Color.

You don’t have to surrender to the all-powerful gray-beige (graige?) that seems to have washed over all residences in the last couple of years. The thought may bring you to a full stop. You’re a colorful person, and investing all that time and effort into a neutral palette brings out the Eeyore in you.

Don’t worry. There’s a lot you can do with color to make your home inviting and fun, while still attracting a wide range of buyer personalities and types. Here are a few guiding principles from Dani Beyer Real Estate:

Go easy with orange, black and violet. These are jarring colors, that tend to turn off a lot of home buyers. That doesn’t mean you can’t use them. It simply means that you shouldn’t have a full room of orange walls or a color scheme that’s centered on violet. If you have a room done in all black and white, it might be a good idea to incorporate some other colors to soften things up a bit.

Same with saturated colors. If your main living area is a rich, burgundy wine color, it probably makes quite the statement. It’s probably a statement you love, and it adds a warm, rich feel to your home. It also might turn off a buyer who happens to react to shades of red and would jump to buy the same home in a more neutral tone. It’s better for selling your home if saturated colors are kept to small areas.

Learn to love blue. If you love colors, make blue your best bud. That’s because blue is almost universally liked, and while some shades can hover near that gray/beige no-man’s-land of color, shades like navy, turquoise and teal can introduce fun pops of color on a neutral background.

Put your bold colors outside. One of the best ways to help your home stand out to buyers and pull them inside to see more is with a bold color on your front door. Whether it’s red, yellow or blue, the right color of door can boost your curb appeal.

Selling your home comes with a lot of considerations, and choosing the right color scheme is an important part of successful staging. Contact us at Dani Beyer Real Estate to talk about how to sell your home fast with the right touches of color!

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