Some of the best home maintenance tips are the simplest; a clean home helps you see what needs attention.Don’t Ignore These Home Maintenance Tips!

Owning a home comes with some simple pleasures, such as making changes without a landlord’s permission and a potential for long friendships with neighbors. While home ownership can be a source of enjoyment, it also comes with some specific things to take care of.  Here are six  home maintenance tips for managing the business of owning your home:

Create a Budget. If you’re in the market for a home, it’s a good idea to include some funds in your budget for monthly and annual maintenance. It’s tempting to push to the high end of your price range, but even if you build a new home or buy one that’s in perfect condition, maintenance will be required, and soon. Leave a little room for repairs and replacements.

Keep it Clean. This may not seem related to maintenance, but it certainly is easier to see where your home needs attention if the view of walls, flooring and fixtures is unencumbered by clutter or dirt. Clear out landscaping, keep clothing hung up or put away and regularly sweep, vacuum and dust.

Clean Vents and Filters. Each year, it’s important to tend your dryer vent (the hose and the vent that pushes air outside), stove vent and any other venting in your home. You should also change furnace filters regularly and if you have a fireplace, keep it clean and maintained. These are all places where the collection of dirt and debris can impact the air quality in your home and even contribute to the risk of fire.

Clear Out Gutters. In spring and fall, you should clear out the leaves, sticks and other debris that collect in your gutters. The risk of a clogged gutter is a powerful stream of water heading for a window or your basement, which can cause significant and costly damage.

Wash Windows: It’s not just about the view. Cleaning your windows regularly also helps you identify when there may be a faulty seal or a lock that’s not working properly.

Trim Trees: Trees that stretch over your home are hazardous for multiple reasons. You could end up with a limb in your living room during a rough thunderstorm, or it could help squirrels or raccoons get familiar with access to your attic or roofline.

When you buy a home, you lose the benefit of calling up the landlord every time the kitchen sink has a drip, but you also gain the satisfaction of creating a home that’s exactly your style and preference. With the above home maintenance tips, you’ll also enjoy the best version of your home.

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