Wondering where to live in Kansas City? Consider 64155, with Staley Farms and Bristol Park neighborhoods.Wondering Where to Live in Kansas City?

If you’re considering a move, but aren’t sure where to live in Kansas City, you should check out the 64155 zip code. With neighborhoods like Bristol Park, Staley Farms and Willow Brook, this area has a lot to offer:

It’s close to the outdoor amenities you want, like swimming pools, tennis courts and golf courses.

There are great schools, like the new Staley High School and Northland Christian School.

You’ll have access to great shopping, dining and entertainment available in the Northland.

It’s conveniently located within easy distance of the airport, downtown, Smithville Lake and the historic Country Club Plaza. You can also easily hop on the Interstate for a short drive to a Royals or Chiefs game.

For many families seeking out an opportunity to thrive in a new home, 64155 provides all the key requirements. For any neighborhood, you should carefully consider a few aspects of whether it will be the ideal place to make your home:

Your lifestyle: Are you hooked on walking to your favorite coffee shop for a bagel and latte every morning? Or have you always dreamed of seeing wildlife right through your own windows? Maybe you love to be near water, and can’t imagine a home that’s not within a mile or two of a lake or river.

These three scenarios obviously call for different settings, and you’ll want to be focused on what is important to you before you make an offer on a home that doesn’t meet your needs.

Your commute: Think about how much time you’ll want to spend getting to work. What about the money you’ll spend? Are there options for public transportation where you’re looking, or are you facing hours of sitting in traffic every week?

Schools: If you have kids or plan to have kids, you’ll want to think about where to live in Kansas City based on the type of schools you want your kids to attend. Even if you have no plans to have kids or are empty nesters, it’s still good for resale value if you choose a home near good schools.

Affordability: In many buying situations, it all comes down to affordability. Be sure that you can enjoy your home, maintain it how you’d like and make the changes you want without feeling too much stress on your finances. Too many people purchase more home than they can afford, and are disappointed when the improvements they’d pictured never come to fruition.

Dani Beyer Real Estate is well-versed in helping clients choose where to live in Kansas City. We’re experts on the 64155 area, but on many other zip codes as well, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect home for your family. Contact us today!

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