Buying a home is also about signing on to the neighborhood. Find out where to live in Kansas City.You’ve found the perfect house online. It has four bedrooms, French doors leading to the deck off the master bedroom and guest accommodations tucked neatly in the lower level. It seems absolutely perfect in the pictures, but when you drive by the property, you notice none of the neighboring houses have swing sets (and if your kids don’t have neighbors to play with, you may go crazy) and your “perfect” home backs up to a noisy shopping center. Figuring out where to live in Kansas City is as much about the neighborhood you want as it is the house.

The team at Dani Beyer Real Estate is here to help you find not only the perfect house, but also the neighborhood you’ll love. Maybe you dream of a neighborhood with a park, or perhaps you need a Starbucks at the end of the block to get a 10-minute walk in each morning. You may prefer not to own a car and want to live close to public transportation options. Maybe you even love the thought of having a quirky neighbor who grows weeds around their camper, but you’re probably in the minority on that one.

Here are a few things you may want to include in your consideration of where to live in Kansas City:

Think about the resources your family needs: Do you have kids, or do you plan to have kids? Checking out local schools should be a priority. Are you expecting your parents to move in with you in a few years? Maybe you’d like to be close to healthcare options.

Visualize yourself living in the neighborhood: Think about what your life would look like transported to the new neighborhood. Is it well-lit at night for the evening stroll you love to take with your kids? Maybe you’ll have to drive 10-minutes more to the grocery store, but you’re willing to trade that for a little acreage.

Take in the sights, smells and taste: Be on the lookout for red flags, like abandoned homes, but also look for the parts of the neighborhood you’ll enjoy. Do large trees shade the sidewalks, or do the homes come with large lots perfect for the barbeques you love to host?

Look at the homes within view of the one you’re considering. If the home across the street is awash in pink artificial flowers, with blossoms adorning the wreath, the mailbox and every window, you may need to decide whether that adds or detracts from your enjoyment of your home.

When it comes to smells, it’s best if there aren’t any at all, but check out what could affect the smells of your home. There may be enough fast food restaurants within a mile to ensure that you never smell anything but grease traps and cheeseburgers. Maybe that’s your preference, we’re not judging!

By taste, of course we mean your personal style! You should love your neighborhood, and it should feel like it fits your family. Dani Beyer Real Estate can help you put a finger on exactly what you’re looking for in a neighborhood and then find a house you love in that location.

Kansas City attractions: When considering where to live in Kansas City, you should definitely keep in mind all that KC has to offer and what you’d like to be able to access regularly! Maybe you’re a Chiefs fan and want to be down at Arrowhead Stadium in under 15 minutes, or you travel for business on a regular basis, so something in the Northland would keep you close to the airport.

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