Fun Summer Activities to Cool Off Your KC Summer

We know, in Kansas City, that the summers can be pretty miserable. Upper 90s or even triple-digit temperatures coupled with, like, 1000% humidity, mean you start sweating as soon as you step foot out the door. But we don’t have to stay tucked inside all summer to survive. Here are 7 activities to help you thrive and beat the heat in Kansas City!

  1. Water Parks
    There are water parks all over the Kansas City metro that will bring heat relief with their aquatic healing powers. Some of the most popular are spots like, Oceans of Fun and The Springs Aquatic Center (two Northland favorites); and on the Kansas side of the metro, there are gems like Great Wolf Lodge, Splash Cove and Mission Family Aquatic Center. 
    There are also lots of splash pads around the metro if you’re wanting some quick fun without the commitment of a full day.
  2. Golf
    No no – we don’t mean the kind of golf that involves lots of sun exposure and sweating (although we do enjoy that kind of golf too – drinks, golf carts, beautiful scenery…we digress). We mean leisure golf that involves A/C, large fans, also cold drinks and food and still feeling like you’re outdoors. That’s right, we’re talking about Top Golf in Overland Park, Kansas, and the Northland’s own, T-Shotz.
  3. Skydiving…inside
    We weren’t sure if skydiving up closer to the sun was a great way to beat the heat in Kansas City, so we chose indoor skydiving. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it! iFly in Overland Park, Kansas, gives you the sensation of flying without the fear of dropping thousands of feet out of the air.
  4. KC Sports Lodge
    This 70,000 square foot facility boasts soccer fields, basketball and volleyball courts, turf practice fields, play gyms and more. Check their website for open play times and reservations.
  5. Indoor Play Gyms
    These options are especially great for moms with little kids who have to get out of the house on a hot or rainy day. Let the children run loose bouncing, jumping and rolling while you sittervise. You know – half supervising, half sitting there. KCKidsFun has a great list for the counties in the Kansas City metro.
  6. Creative Fun
    Places like Kaleidoscope, Wonderscope Children’s Museum, Legoland, Science City are wonderful for getting hands-on with arts, crafts, experiments and creative play all around Kansas City. Some are free admission, some are pricey, but can you really put a price on your sanity, parents?

    Photo by Pixabay

  7. Movie Theaters
    Let’s not take for granted the simple, cool, dark distractions of the cinema. Many local theaters are offering free or super cheap summer movie programs for kids’ movies. You just pay the arm and the leg for the snacks. But again, worth it for a cool, dark nap, right?

We understand that summers with children at home can feel, well, long. This list of ways to beat the heat in Kansas City certainly isn’t extensive, but it should get you started! We love that our city is full of ways to entertain and have fun. It just takes a little effort, a lot of snacks and that cocktail disguised in a coffee tumbler. But you didn’t hear that tip from us. Cheers to summer! | + posts