When life circumstances make buying a home interesting, trust your virtual real estate to Dani Beyer Real Estate. Let Us Be Your Virtual Real Estate Partners

In a perfect world, you list your home and find the home of your dreams, coordinating the closing dates for a seamless process. What if the circumstances weren’t perfect, but because of a team of virtual real estate experts, you still had the experience of a perfect world? When a buying and selling process looks all but convenient, Dani Beyer Real Estate creates that perfect experience.

As your virtual real estate experts, we can help you buy your dream home from afar, or sell a home when a new job or relocation makes your physical presence impossible. Check out the track record of our agents:

Moving from Dubai: When a team of associates were relocating to Kansas City from Dubai, Dani Beyer Real Estate took video tours of homes and shared them on YouTube for a “virtual walk-through.” The buyers didn’t see their new homes until after signing the paperwork and they were extremely happy with the homes and the team’s dedication to finding just the right house.

Military families: Dani Beyer Real Estate has also helped military families relocating to Kansas City while stationed elsewhere. In one case, Dani Beyer Real Estate assisted a family building a brand-new home while living overseas. There were decisions related to paint, flooring, lighting and appliances that all needed coordination, and through Facetime and videos, the buyers were able to monitor the building process. They were happy with the completed home.

Condo coordination: A client that purchased a condominium with Dani Beyer Real Estate later took a position out of the country and rented the condo out for a few years. When he decided to sell, Dani Beyer Real Estate handled the sale for the client, who was living in Australia.

Quick start dates: When a new job or a transfer with a quick start date doesn’t allow a seller to be in town to sell their home, Dani Beyer Real Estate takes the reins. From staging the home to coordinating repairs with contractors, all local details are handled. This includes talking with lenders, title companies and inspectors. Every aspect of the sale can be handled by Dani Beyer Real Estate.

Expert eyes:  When a client is purchasing a home from afar, Dani Beyer Real Estate steps in to look at homes on the buyer’s behalf, warning them about a potential red flag or watching for problems that can’t be seen on video or Facetime. From sloping floors or a lingering cat smell, there are some things that are more easily seen in person. At inspection time, they meet with the inspector so that they can relay the information from a first-person perspective.

If you’re looking for virtual real estate assistance, contact us at Dani Beyer Real Estate. As the top resale agent in the 64155 ZIP code this year and an overall Top 20 agent in the Kansas City area, we have the expertise to help you through the home-buying process, no matter where you are located!

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