Dani Beyer Real Estate points out a few reasons why buying in fall may be better than the summer rush.Buy Your Home With Dani Beyer Real Estate

You’ve heard that spring and summer are the ideal time to buy a home, so you may think you’ve missed your chance to get the home of your dreams this year. At Dani Beyer Real Estate we say think again. There are plenty of good reasons to buy a home in the fall.

You’ll see a house without all its beautiful summer landscaping in full swing. This may sound strange, but think about it: most houses look pretty great with vibrant green grass and flowers blooming, so summer is indeed a great time to buy a house. But when a house is still beautiful with dried leaves and a brown yard, you can be confident you’ll be content there in any season. Fall also gives you a good view of problems that could escape your notice when there’s a lot of verdant foliage around, like a rotting deck or gutters that have detached from the roofline.

You can take your time. In the summer, when houses are selling quickly, you may be tempted to make an offer before even fully examining the property. The rush to snatch up a house before other buyers get it puts a lot of pressure on buyers in the summer. It’s more relaxed in the fall and you can be confident you’re bidding on a house you love.

Take your time to look at that furnace maintenance report. Drive by the house at different times of day to see what’s happening in the neighborhood. Examine the cabinetry and think about how the flow of the house works with your life.

You might snag a deal. If a house has been on the market all spring and summer, the seller may be ready to let it go at a discount. They’re ready to move on to their next phase of life, and they are likely more ready to negotiate than they were in May or June.

Dani Beyer Real Estate can help you determine which house prices really are a great deal, based on comparable recent sales in the neighborhood. You might find that you get a bit of a discount just by waiting until fall.

At Dani Beyer Real Estate, it really doesn’t matter what time of year it is; it’s a great time to buy! We can help you find the home of your dreams, whether it’s time to haul out the beach balls and sunscreen or set up the holiday decorations. Contact us to get started!

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