The Right Real Estate Partner for Kansas City Real Estate Investors

If you fall under the category of Kansas City real estate investors, and you’re new or have been in the business a long time, you know how important it is to have a competent and experienced realtor on your side.

We know you often are working with large sums of cash, want to move quickly and want someone to know the types of properties you’re interested in and present those to you without you having to search.

So here are some perks for a Kansas City real estate investor who chooses to work with the Dani Beyer Real Estate team:

Perk #1

Many of the realtors on the team are investors themselves. We know how important it is for your realtor to “get it.” You probably don’t have the patience to deal with a realtor who either doesn’t have experience or isn’t an investor themselves. And that’s totally fair. So is interviewing us to find out about our experience. Feel free to ask us things like:

  • Do you specialize in certain types of investment properties? (i.e. starter flips, apartment complexes, REOs, etc.)
  • What kind of investor deals have you closed?
  • If you’re an investor, what types of property do you own and how long have you owned them?
  • What sets you apart from other agents helping Kansas City real estate investors?

No question is off the table.

Photo by Anders Holm-Jensen on Unsplash

Perk #2

We’ve got insider knowledge. No no, nothing illegal or shady. 😅 But we do have access to off-market and pocket listings, have a huge referral base and can get you information on properties before they hit the market. Once we know what your portfolio is, we will send you properties we’ve already evaluated, pulled comps on and know all neighborhood and property background information before we even present them to you. We can also recommend renovation contractors, management companies and many other vendors to help you reach your goal.

We aren’t here to waste anyone’s time. We want this relationship to feel tailored to your needs and personal enough that you can come to us with any ideas and reach out anytime. 

Perk #3

We know Kansas City, inside and out. Team leader and listing specialist, Dani Beyer, has been a licensed agent in both Missouri and Kansas since 2004. She was raised in the /northland and moved back to Kansa City when she graduated college, so she’s very familiar with (and loves!) Kansas City and its awesome suburbs.kansas city real estate investors

In addition, many of our team members are from Kansas City or have been in the metro for years. Dani Beyer Real Estate has helped hundreds of families buy and sell homes all over the Kansas City metro and are very familiar with school districts, HOAs, local attractions, neighborhood amenities, restaurants, transportation, upcoming development projects and more. 

Perk #4

We’re pretty damn good at what we do. Pardon our French, but we are! Dani Beyer Real Estate is ranked in the top 15 teams in Missouri according to RealTrends, which identifies the country’s largest and most successful agents and firms. In addition, we also rank in the top 15 (number 12 in 2021) of all Kansas City metro agents (that’s more than 12,000 KC agents). Our homes constantly sell faster and for more than the market averages, so we’re very savvy negotiators – a much needed skill for you Kansas City real estate investors to know and feel confident in.

We also have bi-lingual agents on our team, so if you’re working more largely in the hispanic market, we’ve got you covered. 

Knowing how busy your schedules are, we pride ourselves on the efficiencies of our processes by utilizing a variety of methods including video chat, texting, social media and digital document signing to keep things moving fast no matter where you live.

If all of these perks sound good to you, we’d love to have you join our database of investors. Get first dibs on the best investment properties in Kansas City included with all of the perks listed above. You can also reach out to any of our team members that you see on our site and start asking those questions.

Join our investor database now!

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