Dani Beyer's Favorite Kansas City WineriesWith COVID-19 restrictions still in place, we’re all having to get creative with activities. How do we stay socially distant but still find community? Choosing an outdoor activity is a great way to make this happen. At Dani Beyer Real Estate, we’re big fans of the ‘ol wine. And did you know that we’ve got some incredible wineries right here in the heart of Kansas City as well as just on the outskirts? Take a walk down vino lane with us.

Urban and Chic – Amigoni Urban Winery

Perhaps you’re moving to Kansas City and you’re curious what we’ve got in the heart of Kansas City that tastes like you’re sitting amongst the vines of a mountainside overlooking an ocean. We thought you might be, so we’re here to introduce you to Amigoni Urban Winery, a treasure amongst the West Bottoms. They’ve got some amazing tour experiences, like tasting wines straight from the barrel and creating your own wine blend! Check them out here.

If you need reprieve from the heat, they have a large tasting room so there is plenty of space to social distance. In addition, if you just need that fix, they’re doing curbside pickup and shipping!

Tranquil and Fun – Jowler Creek Vineyard and Winery

If you want to get out of the city but not drive for hours to get to a vineyard, Jowler Creek is the way to go! Just drive north on I-29, two exits past Platte City and you’re there! This winery was Missouri’s first green winery, and if you take their tour, you’ll hear how. 

Jowler Creek has a beautiful outdoor garden with lots of picnic tables and umbrellas, and you’re sitting feet away from the vines. They also always have fun events planned like live music, art nights, hayrides through the vineyard and more! 

Pumpkin Farm Turned Winery – KC Wine Co

Take a little jaunt south of Kansas City to Olathe and find KC Wine Co. This is the ultimate outdoor fun destination. With large yard games, sunflower fields, oversized adirondack chairs great for that perfect Instagram shot, live music and one of the more unique tasting rooms, this is a must-visit spot.

It’s a unique story how this winery got started, and just be glad this farm happened to have some vines. Because those grapes turned into the most delicious wine slushies ever. Do yourself a favor and head over to KC Wine Co, stat.

In the Heart of the City – KC Wineworks

If you’re wanting to get back to Kansas City proper, you have to check out KC Wineworks, a Kansas City Winery and Tasting Room. Located in the heart of downtown, this is a truly urban wine tasting experience. Get fancy with your girlfriends and make a tasting reservation (new with COVID-19 restrictions). 

As if you need anymore enticing reasons to drink wine, besides the fact that 2020 sucks, they have a sparkling brut. So, you’re welcome.

We could go on and on about the wineries in Kansas City, and to be honest, we’ve just scratched the surface highlighting these four. If you want to try to cover more than one in a day, check out this great resource, KC Wine Road. You pick the direction you want to go, and they’ve already mapped out a route for you! 

If you’re moving to Kansas City, the 40+ wineries in our area is just one of the many reasons you’ll love this town. We’re sure of it. Oh, and if you need someone to help you buy a house, Dani Beyer Real Estate is at your service.

Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash
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