Dani Beyer Real Estate Team Member: Annie Grayson

If you’ve listed your home with Dani Beyer Real Estate, you’ve experienced how smooth that process is, and it’s all because of our Annie Grayson! Annie can manage a million spinning plates in the air like she’s been doing it for years (well, because she has, as you’ll read below), but also because she is just freaking good at her job. We love her positive vibe she brings to the team and the warmth she shows to our clients.

Keep reading to find out more about Annie!

Q: What’s your favorite hobby?
A: I love cooking. I love entertaining in our home. I love being with my friends and family.

Q: What famous person would play you in a movie?
A: I literally have no clue! (We’ll give you a pass this one time, Annie 🙂 )

Q: What drink describes you best and why?
A: A craft cocktail – sometimes it takes a lot of weird things to go into making it just right!

Q: What’s your favorite activity to do in Kansas City?
A: Hitting up the farmer’s market and eating at local restaurants

Q: What do you love most about being an agent on the Dani Beyer Real Estate team?
A: ALL. THE. THINGS!!! On top of working with some of the most amazing, kick ass women, we get to help people each and every day with one of the biggest decisions they will make in their lives!

Q: How did you get started in real estate?
A: I’m in the 20th year of my career in the mortgage/housing/real estate field. Having worked in other aspects of the business, real estate was always a draw, and I love it!

Q: What is your design aesthetic?
A: I like a mixture of things. I like mixing mediums like wood and metal. You’ll find a lot of navy & teal in my house!

If you have any questions about working with Dani Beyer Real Estate, reach out to Annie, and she can point you in the right direction! You can contact her at 816-835-7716 or email annie@danibeyer.com. Come on back to our blog on July 30 to find out more about our next team member, Desi Kerr! 

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