Discovering the Current Value of Your Home Involves Many Factors

Discovering the current value of your home requires the expert eye of an experienced real estate agent.If you’ve been thinking of selling your home, you may wonder how to accurately price it for a fast, but profitable sale. Discovering the current value of your home takes an expert eye, but there are a number of factors that can significantly impact what your home is worth. Once you’ve evaluated your home in a variety of ways, count on Dani Beyer Real Estate to help you determine a strategic price point for your home.

The school system: If you don’t happen to have school-age kids, you may not think much about the schools around you, but your buyers are thinking about it. Even if they don’t have kids, they will likely consider how this will affect their ability to sell the property later.

The exterior condition of your home: It takes mere seconds for a potential buyer to decide against your home because of a lack of curb appeal. While you can’t change your roofline or how many windows face the front, there are a lot of budget-friendly ways to clean up the exterior of your home. Invest in a little landscaping, or clean up the existing design by weeding, trimming and adding a fresh layer of mulch. A couple of colorful pots of geraniums can go a long way in making your home appealing.

You should also take a walk around your home with a buyer’s eyes. Do you see peeling paint or a gutter that’s become detached from the house? An unsightly deck with two-tone stain (you know, the one you swore you’d finish when there was a dry weekend) or loose rails can also turn off a buyer.

Energy efficiency: Utility bills can vary widely, and the condition of your furnace, air conditioning units and windows can play a big role in how much your home is worth. Discovering the current value of your home isn’t just about the home itself, but about how the home functions.

Location: Are you close to shopping, medical care and major highways, without being too close to those services? Most buyers don’t want their backyard to bump up against a parking lot of a hospital, but they like the peace of mind that there’s a hospital a short drive away. A central location that easily accesses the highway to minimize workers’ commutes can be a factor in improving the value of your home.

Comparables: When you work with Dani Beyer Real Estate, you’ll receive an expert analysis of the comparables in your neighborhood, a useful tool for discovering the current value of your home. It will take into account the recent sales price for similar homes in your area to help establish an accurate price for your home.

Your real estate agent will also take into account the amenities of your home versus those around you. For instance, if you’ve recently upgraded a bathroom or installed new flooring, these are updates that may increase your price. There are upgrades that you might expect to deliver a better sales price, like that life-size mural of George Foreman in the man cave, that, surprisingly, deliver very little advantage.

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