Wondering what makes Dani Beyer Real Estate different? Three words: collaborative, informative and fun! Selling your home could be one of the most stressful things you will do in your life, but what if it had a different feel? What if it was fun? When you work with the Dani Beyer Real Estate team, you might just find yourself thinking that you’re having more fun selling your home than you expected.

What makes Dani Beyer Real Estate different? Well, to start, we define our business using three key words: collaborative, informative and fun. Here’s what that looks like in clear benefits for you as you sell your home:

A technical edge: Unique among real estate agents, Dani Beyer has a background that’s not common in the real estate field. With a degree in computer science, Dani is always on the cutting edge of real estate technology. With the importance of online presentation and the value of gathering up-to-date data for better pricing and overall selling, having a technology expert on the team makes a big difference for you. Your home will be priced and will be promoted with the latest marketing tools.

A quick sale: We average just seven days from listing to contract. A combination of understanding the market to price your home accurately with marketing strategies that reach potential buyers ensures that your home won’t be for sale for long!

In 2017, Dani Beyer Real Estate placed in the top 50 for residential sales, with not only a great average sales time, but also netting clients 99.8% of their sales price. This means that your house sells fast and for top dollar.

You can relax: We handle every aspect of your sale, from staging your home for the best possible online presentation to helping you hire the right contractors to wrap up repairs. Even if you live out of state or out of the country, you can rest assured that we have your home sale covered.

You’ll never have to wait: A collaborative team is the best approach to real estate. When you work with our team, you’ll never have to wait for a team member to return from vacation or another appointment, because there’s always a member of the staff ready to assist you. This model allows us to offer expert assistance at any time on any given day.

Your home is presented in the best light possible: When you first set up a free consultation with Dani Beyer Real Estate, we’ll come out and provide insight into how your home might be priced, the qualities that will make your home attractive to buyers and how to present it for a quick sale.

Find out more about what’s different about working with Dani Beyer Real Estate! Contact us for your initial appointment and we can get started talking about selling your home quickly and for the best possible price.

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