More people are leaving California than arriving, and many of us can guess why. Because of wildfires? Definitely. The political climate? Most likely. But really, the astronomical living and housing prices are a huge burden on many. So to sum it all up, the main reason they’re moving to the midwest from California is just that – quality of life. To narrow it down even more, why are they specifically moving from California to Kansas City?

One New York Times article laid it out pretty clearly:

Mrs. Fischer and her family live in this suburb of Kansas City, in a five-bedroom house nearly twice the size of their former home near San Bernardino, with a huge yard and a lake view from the hot tub on their deck. Still, Mrs. Fischer, 28, and her husband, Nathan, 30, had enough money left after their move to pay off the debt on their two cars and buy a 21-foot motorboat.”

Not that quality of life equals a huge house and a boat, but for some it might!

So here’s what you need to know about moving from California to Kansas City – everything from top neighborhoods, the culture, job opportunities and more!

Top Neighborhoods

This, of course, all depends on what is important to you. Do you want land? Do you prefer to be in the business district? Is there a certain type of architecture you prefer? Or is the school district the most important thing? 

Dani Beyer Real Estate is the top resale agent in the 64155 neighborhood, so we may be a little biased to that area, but we are in love with all of Kansas City, and help clients buy and sell all over the metro.

Let’s have a conversation to find out what your priorities are and what your budget is, and we’ll help you find that perfect neighborhood.


The Culture

We have culture, yes we do, we have culture, how ‘bout you?! Sorry, weird cheerleading days coming back for some strange reason. You’re coming to the Midwest, so no matter what, there will probably be some type of culture shock. 

Our history is one thing (which you can read about in this article by Vogue, written a couple years ago), but what you’ll find today is a city full of pride for its location (yes, we know we’re landlocked, but we have gorgeous lakes), it’s sports teams (recent Super Bowl champs, NBD), its arts and music scene (hello Jazz District), its rising startup and tech industry (we’re referred to as the silicon prairie) and not to be forgotten, our food, specifically, BBQ.

Photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplas

As Marley Marius eloquently puts it in the previously mentioned Vogue article, “

The culture in Kansas City thrives on individual endeavor, which manifests itself visually in the colorful dissonance of its various painted murals and its residential neighborhoods with a hundred different architectural styles.”

Job Opportunities

We mentioned that Kansas City has been coined as the Silicon Prairie, thanks to companies like Google, choosing Kansas City as its first city to try out ultra-fast Fiber Internet connection. It’s also been a host to entrepreneurs and start-ups. We like to think these companies thrive because of the Midwest strong work ethic and because of the support they receive from other Kansas Citians. We also have that Midwest hospitality, after all.

A few years ago, showed us that Kansas City was found at the top of these charts:

#1 City for Business Growth (Wendover-InsightPRM Business Growth Report)

#2 Most Improved Metro Areas for Startup Growth (Kauffman Index of Startup Activity)

#2 Best City for Women in Tech (Smart Asset)

#6 Best City for Creatives (Smart Asset)

Top 6 City that Offers Better Value for Growing Startups (Forbes)

If tech and new business aren’t your thang, Kansas City also has a strong manufacturing and agriculture presence (like Ford, GM, Honeywell and Bayer) along with corporate options such as Hallmark, T-Mobile (previously Sprint), Garmin and more! 

The other thing we have plenty of in Kansas City is realtors. With over 16,000 in the metro area, your choices are overwhelming. However, if you’ll allow us to brag a little, for the past few years in a row, our team has ranked in the top 1% of those realtors – often in the top 15. 

We know that moving to the Midwest from California is a big decision, and we want to help you confirm that it is the best decision you can make. We know and love our city, and we’ll help you find the best place for your family to land. And we can be your new friends since you may not have any yet! Give us a call at 816-716-5172 or email to get started.

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