Although you could argue that there are many differences between Kansas City vs. Dallas living, we think there are a lot more similarities to focus on that will make Texans feel right at home in KC. So if you’re moving from Dallas to Kansas City, here are some things you should know.

First things first: BBQ

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

We can’t waste time getting to this topic. There are definite differences between Texas and Kansas City barbecue. At Dani Beyer Real Estate, we are not award-winning barbecuers, but we are professional BBQ consumers. And we need you to know that Kansas City is serious about its barbecue. If you ask any KC native what their favorite BBQ restaurant is, you will hear a variety of answers, depending on where their loyalty lies. But one thing you will hear consistently across the board is that we love our sauces and our burnt ends. Some of our top favs for you to check out when moving from Dallas to Kansas City are (and in no particular order):

Joe’s Kansas City 


Arthur Bryant’s

Hawg Jaw

Jousting Pigs



We understand being dedicated to a sports team. And if you’re moving from Dallas to Kansas City and you grew up in Texas, you’re most likely a diehard Cowboys and Rangers fan along with a Mavericks, Wings, Stars and FC Dallas fan. But we’ve got to tell you, we are just as diehard about our Kansas City Chiefs (You may have heard of them – they recently won a Super Bowl; no big deal.) And we would argue that our tailgating will crush anything you’ve seen. 

Our Royals happened to bring home a World Series championship a few years ago, too, and although we don’t have an NHL team here, our minor league Kansas City Mavericks are a blast to cheer on.

Not to be forgotten, our MLS team, Sporting KC has won the Cup twice and the U.S. Open Cup four times. The stadium is beautiful, and there’s not a bad seat in the house. 

So though you may see differences in Kansas City vs. Dallas living, another similarity we want you to see is how much we love our sports and bleed red and blue year-round. In fact, each year, Dani Beyer Real Estate holds a big tailgate party and provides tickets for a Royals game for a client appreciation event. (Stupid COVID ruined that this year, but we’re so looking forward to being back next year!)

Real Estate

Here’s where we thrive. Dani Beyer Real Estate is in the top 1% of real estate agents in the Kansas City Metro, and we were recently named as one of the top real estate agents in KC by City Lifestyle Kansas City. We LOVE our city, and we know where all the best neighborhoods are and where your architecture tastes would be satisfied and where your family would feel most at home when moving from Texas. We’d like to tell you that the community and the culture will do the trick, but we all know, you’ll be spending the majority of your time in your house, and it HAS to feel like home.

2020 has been a hot real estate year, even in the midst of a pandemic! Inventory has been low and houses are flying off the market. Zillow research shows that Kansas City is among the nation’s fastest-moving large markets, with sellers typically accepting offers after only four days on the market. So you want an agent who knows the market, has strong negotiation skills and can work quickly. That is our entire team in a nutshell. We are connected, respected, we hustle, and dammit, we’re fun. 

There are a lot of other topics we could brag about, like our thriving arts community, (we have two, FREE, top of the line art museums, amongst many others; a world-class symphony and ballet; countless art fairs and a music scene supportive of local musicians and big named artists in our newly named T-Mobile arena, a jazz district of its own…we could go on), multiple highway systems so that traffic is minimal for a growing metropolitan community, four BEAUTIFUL seasons (but get your winter gear ready!), top notch golf courses, breweries, wineries, trails upon trails and about as many fountains as Rome. But don’t let us try to convince you! Just take a look at what some of our clients who have relocated have said.

We’d love to be your real estate agent of choice during your move, and we promise to help make Kansas City feel like home. Give us a call at 816-716-5172. | + posts