The American Dream is a national television show highlighting lifestyle and real estate in different cities around the country.

Hey Friends,

I am so excited to share this with you! There are 12,000+ realtors in Kansas City. The executive show producer for a new national show about real estate and lifestyles visited Kansas City a few weeks ago. He met with only the top producers of this market, and I was honored to be invited. Ultimately, they chose a cast of 5 realtors to be the voice of Kansas City neighborhoods, and the real estate market.

Guess what, I am one of them!

This is a real show, not some fake reality show, and focused on positivity and the stories of our neighborhoods. Get this, the show in other markets has already been nominated for an EMMY. Crazy to call me the host of an EMMY nominated TV show. One that has featured some of the biggest names in real estate!

The show will be airing on cable, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Roku…and a lot will happen on social media. HUGE FAVOR! The executive producer said specifically, that they are looking for me to interview and share the stories of the biggest voices in our city. The mover and shakers, innovators, philanthropists, etc. Those making a positive impact, as the show is meant to combat negative media with real and positive stories.

WHO should I look to feature on this show?

Also, the next season, they are looking for homes going on the market to feature the stories of sellers. Do you know anyone who might be selling? I’d love to pitch their listing to the producers for the show!

Please call 816-321-0120 or email me at | Website | + posts