A Caffeine Expedition of Coffee Shops in the Kansas City Northland

We love meeting clients for coffee or picking up a caffeinated treat for the homeowners closing on their first home sale. As the cultural heart of the Midwest, Kansas City, Missouri, boasts a thriving coffee scene, and the Northland area is no exception. Nestled within charming neighborhoods, the Northland’s coffee shops offer a unique blend of cozy atmospheres, locally sourced beans and a warm sense of community. We love coffee shops all over the Kansas City Metro, but today, join us on a journey through some of the must-visit coffee shops in the Kansas City Northland.

Renegade Coffee: Where Coffee Feels Like Home

Though Renegade may be new to the KC coffee shop scene, their location has a long history. This family-owned coffee shop is located off N. Oak Trafficway in a nearly 100-year-old home. This is the perfect place to cozy up with a latte and good book (curated by their own staff!).

From Renegade Instagram

Parkville Coffee: A Main Street Staple

Located right on historic Main Street in the picturesque town of Parkville, MO, Parkville Coffee is a full-service cafe and small batch roasterie. They provide custom and wholesale roasts to customers all over the country, and they offer roasting classes so you can learn, too. This is a great spot to grab a pastry made in-house and meet with a friend or walk along the river while contemplating where to invest in your next home in KC.

Headrush Roasters: Two Locations Dedicated to the Northland

Whether you’re doing a drive-through order at the iconic Gladstone location or you’re fueling up for a shopping trip at the beautiful Briarcliff shops, Headrush Roasters Coffee and Tea is a must visit. Small batch roasts, premium loose leaf tea, specialty drinks and pastries – they have it all. So whether you’re cranking out a finals paper or need a patio minute with a Downtown KC skyline view, these are great spots to do both.

Novella Cafes: Elevating Coffee Standards

From Novella’s Instagram

Novella Cafes, uniquely located inside the Mid Continent Public Library’s Green Hills Culinary Arts branch, lives up to its name by offering exceptional coffee to pair with a good book. They aim to be “a gateway into the specialty coffee world for the everyday coffee drinker.” The modern-chic setting adds to the appeal, making it a top choice for, well, everyone.

Hammerhand Coffee: Coffee Straight to Your Door

Once located on the historic Liberty square, now just outside of it, Hammerhand Coffee is a Liberty staple. Their “Never-Out-Of-Coffee-Club” is a monthly subscription sending freshly roasted batches shipped straight to your door. We believe everyone needs that.

Rochester Brewing and Roasting Company: Where the Best of Two World Collide

We have to end on Rochester: 1. Because it’s new to the Northland; 2. Because you can order coffee OR enter Happy Hour time, our favorite time of the day. Their new location is also in historic downtown Parkville, MO, at the English Landing Center, and let’s just ask this: have you ever had coffee inside a train car (that wasn’t moving?) How cool is that?! So whether you’re up for freshly roasted coffee or a cool craft beer, you have to give this one a visit. It will surely be added to your favorite coffee shops in the Kansas City Northland list.

The Northland of Kansas City is a treasure trove of delightful coffee shops, each offering a unique blend of flavors, atmospheres and community engagement. Whether you’re a local seeking your daily caffeine fix or a visitor looking to explore the city’s coffee culture, these Northland coffee shops are sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for the art of brewing in the Midwest. So, grab your mug, embrace the welcoming vibes and savor the diverse coffee experiences that await you in the Northland.

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