At-Home Valentine’s Day Tips from Your Favorite Real Estate Team

What is the perfect at-home Valentine’s Day? I love decorations, I love when things are extra and I love when it is an experience. So I started asking around because surely others are going to want exactly what I want, right? Honestly, I was pretty surprised with the variation of what people wanted, just from our Dani Beyer team. So from all the opinions I gathered, let’s make this at-home Valentine’s Day perfect whether you are single, married or it’s complicated.

Keep it Clean

Starting off strong with an overall consensus is having a clean home. I am not sure about you or if it’s just my type A personality, but if my home is messy I am a bit stressy. So step one to your perfect at-home Valentine’s Day is to make sure your home is clean. Do the things that you haven’t done in a while like clean your mirrors or dust the baseboards. “You definitely will want your bedroom cleaned – wink, wink.” (Den), or “I have my house cleaners.” (Annie) So whatever is your style of cleaning, make sure to get that checked off the list.

String up the Valentine Garland

If you want to make it extra, get crazy! Break out the decorations, get the roses and the candles. If you are doing this for yourself then make it the way you want it. I love a nice smell so I will be having 72 candles throughout the house. If you are doing this for a partner then give yourself some time. It takes longer than expected to get things set up. So save yourself an hour or two if you are wanting to make this a fun surprise. If you want my decorating expertise (wink, wink) then break out some roses, put on some great music, have those candles rolling and get a few balloons. I would say glitter but then you would have to burn the whole home down to stop seeing glitter for the rest of your life.

The Way to One’s Heart

Now for the main event, what is on the menu? Personally I want something that is homey and warm; something that is easy but can be fancied up. My menu will probably include this beautiful truffle, mushroom spaghetti.

But it can really be anything, like what Jill and her husband of 15 years like to do for Valentine’s Day:

“A night with a special dinner that my family all loves. It used to be, my husband getting cheese sticks from Pizza Hut and 2 slices of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.”

Along with making a dinner or doing take out, if you are really trying to get fancy, you can hire a chef to come do a dinner at your home. Now this would be an experience!

So we know what Jill wants for Valentine’s Day, but what about the others on the Dani Beyer Real Estate team? Enjoy these Valentine’s opinions. You’re about to really get to know our team, and they may help figure out what your partner wants!

Den’s opinion (Single 20’s):

“Coming home after a long day of work, I want a surprise, rose petals. There has to be some music. Dim the lights, plus candles. I want it to smell nice. Champagne is a must. I want a gift, so have that ready. I don’t want dinner, but I want all the appetizers. Maybe some bruschetta. Maybe a game, a couples game…” This is why Den is single. P.S. “NO kids – find a babysitter.”

Brittany’s opinion (Single 30’s):

“Just a nice dinner and a movie. I want to keep it basic.” Normal expectations.

Jordan’s opinion (Married – 7 ½ years, 30’s):

“I want a delicious meal that I will cook for my wife. Cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries. A great show to watch, and nothing we have to do all night. I want to binge watch.”

Annie’s opinion (Married – 9 years, 40’s):

“A delicious meal that I do not have to prepare or clean up after. I love flowers and a massage. I want a real one, not an obligation, but I do want some dessert and then some dessert. Wink wink.”

Dani’s opinion (Single 40’s):

“I want a quiet bath by myself and eat chocolate mousse. And I want someone to rub my feet.”

Tara’s opinion (Married – 22 years, 40’s):

“Not being asked for anything by my husband. Wine in my bed watching my favorite show and I want zero expectations. I want my kids to tell me how much they love me and give hugs. I want love, but not in a romantic way hahaha.”

Asha’s opinion (Married – 26 years, 40’s):

“Cooking dinner together and watching a movie together; oh, and chocolate for sure.”

Amber’s opinion (Married – 1 year, 20’s):

“I want to come home to a clean home. I want my dogs to be with my in-laws. I want my sister to watch my daughter. I want spaghetti. Yeah, I love a carby barbie moment. I would like to have a nice dinner with my husband and drink wine and then have Iris come home and fall asleep easily and my husband to let me sleep in when Iris wakes up in the morning. Dream hahaha.”

So all in all, this 101 to having the best Valentine’s Day at home is really making it work best for you. Find out what you want to do or your partner wants to do, and make it special. That “special” could just be having good quality time or it could be much more into the dramatics, but that’s the fun part about these kinds of holidays. You can make it how you want it. So go have the best at-home Valentine’s Day!

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