Knowing where to live in Kansas City might require a little research on the vibe of the community.You know the number of bedrooms you want, as well as keeping an eye out for a main-floor laundry room and gleaming hardwood floors. While you’re evaluating houses, don’t forget to also shop around for the neighborhood you want. Knowing where to live in Kansas City is just as important as determining your ideal home.

Get the feel of it. It’s not just crime statistics and average home sale price that make a neighborhood. You need to get the vibe of the area. Is it walkable, with corner delis and lots of socializing between neighbors? Maybe you are more in the market for cul-de-sacs and lemonade stands.

Look at the neighborhood yourself. Knowing the feel you want your neighborhood to have is important, and it’s hard to determine without first-hand experience. Of course, if you’re relocating from another area, this may be a challenge, but look for pictures of the area and check out events calendars to see what kinds of activities happen in the neighborhood.  Our team can help with this information also as we know this area well.

Ask around. First-hand experience is vital, but it may not give you all the information you want. Some things, like whether people hang out in their yards visiting on the weeknights can be hard to spot on a Sunday-afternoon house hunting trip. You may hear about the annual block party or that the highly-touted subdivision pool is understaffed and poorly maintained.

Look at the statistics. You want the feel of a neighborhood, but it’s also important to ask the tough questions. Find out whether the area is safe and how the school district compares to others in the area. Not only are these items important for your purchase, but it will help if you eventually sell the property.

Talk with Dani Beyer Real Estate. While our team works with home buyers all over the area, we also specialize in helping newly relocated individuals and families determine where to live in Kansas City. One of the areas we consistently recommend is the 64155 zip code.

Neighborhoods such as Bristol Park, Staley Farms and Willow Brook offer close proximity to swimming pools, tennis courts and golf courses. Local schools include Northland Christian School and the new Staley High School. There’s plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment in the Northland, and the 64155 area is just minutes away from the airport and a short drive from a Royals or Chiefs game.

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