How Dani Beyer Real Estate Markets Your HomeSome realtors out there convince you to list your home with them, and then weeks later, you’re wondering if you’ll ever get to show it or if they’re doing anything to get the word out. Sadly, this “list it and leave it” mentality is one we’ve heard of past clients experiencing, and it is really a disservice to both you and the realtor themselves! There’s no pay day for them unless they sell your home right? But not everyone has the work ethic, passion and assertiveness of the Dani Beyer Real Estate team.

When you choose to list your home with us, you’ll find one of two things happens:

  1. We either already know buyers who would be very interested in your home and can help get you an offer before your home even has to go on the public market … OR
  2. We will put together a very extensive marketing plan for the sale of your home.

The Dani Beyer Real Estate Marketing Plan

  • Listing Consultation – Before we get your house on the market, we’ll sit down for a consultation where we walk through your house, ask you some questions and let you know what we think your home value is and what we can list it for. (If you’re curious how much your home is worth, take a couple minutes to fill this form out, and we’ll let you know!)

    Because of COVID-19, if you are more comfortable with a virtual consultation, we can accommodate that as well! 
  • High-quality Photographs – This is one of the most important aspects of the plan. If your home is beautiful but you don’t have the photographs to back that up, it certainly won’t do you any favors. Our photographers have all the special lenses, lighting equipment and editing software to make your home look like a million bucks (well, probably not a million bucks, unless your home really is worth that much, and if that’s the case, our number is 816-716-5172 🙂 This is most often the first impression that potential buyers have of your home. Let’s make it the best one possible. 
  • Home Staging – You’ve probably heard that de-personalizing your home is important. We know how much Susie’s glamour shots and Johnny’s soccer trophies mean to you, but if those things are getting more attention than the rooms themselves, buyers are going to have a hard time looking past them.

    They need to envision themselves in your home, so they can see it as their own. Our home stager will come in and give you tips on how to best present your home to look spacious, warm and inviting and as though you’ve cared for it well over the years, (which we’re sure you have!) all without having to purchase expensive staging pieces that aren’t even yours. 
  • Best Home Buying Sites – This one is also at the top of the priority list. Along with getting your home into the multiple listing services (MLS) system, we will make sure it’s well-represented on other popular and best home buying sites like Zillow and our very own, Exposure is key. 
  • Open Houses – You won’t be in this alone. We’ll help you with preparing your home for an open house with tips and a checklist. And we’ll make sure to give plenty of advance notice so there is time to clean, maybe make a few paint touch-ups, plan for the dogs and kids to stay at your parents, mow the lawn, put your underwear away, etc. 
  • Social Media – If necessary, we will pay for ads on Facebook/Instagram to promote your home and/or your open house. Sometimes, we don’t even have to get to this point because all of the prior steps have produced multiple offers the day you list your home. That’s certainly the best case scenario!

By no means is this list extensive, because we aren’t putting your home sale into a box. Each property is unique as are you, the seller. So after that first consultation, we’ll know more about the best plan to market your home and be sure to include you in the plan all along the way.

And just to make you feel extra secure about our ability to sell your home, you should know some of these fancy facts:

  • We sell homes fast! Last year, our average days on the market was 8 in comparison to the local average of 49 days.
  • We’ll make you more money! Last year, our list price to sales price was 100.34%. The local market average was 98.4%.
  • Last year, we were ranked 12th in volume out of 12,000 agents in the metro.

At Dani Beyer Real Estate, we love what we do, and we’re ready to help you sell your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time possible. Give us a call or visit our website for more information. 

Photo by Wynand van Poortvliet on Unsplash | + posts