Creating curb appeal is the first step in selling your home, since many potential buyers’ first step is to drive by. You may already know this secret, but curb appeal is a big part of selling your home. Those gleaming hardwood floors, 42-inch cabinets and large backyard won’t do you any favors if you’ve got a gutter detached from the roofline, a Frisbee stuck on the roof or landscaping that looks overgrown and full of weeds. The first glimpse buyers get of your home is of the front view, so use these tips to entice them to come through the front door and take a look around:

Is your house photogenic? Curb appeal starts online now, with most buyers beginning their purchasing journey browsing housing from their living room. While you’re still in the early days of prepping your house for a sale, snap a pic or two of your home. What stands out? Is it the bold, inviting front door, the curving path constructed of red pavers or the overgrown maple that is the house equivalent of a bad haircut?

When you work with Dani Beyer Real Estate, we’ll send out a professional photographer to capture your home’s good side. It’s still a great idea to put on your objective eyes and take a couple of photos to see what stands out to you.

Put on your buyer hat. Take a walk around the exterior of your home, seeing it for the first time again. Are you charmed by the flower-lined, inviting interest, or are you noticing chipped paint or a string of forgotten Christmas lights (Christmas lights still up in June anyone)? Use a notepad to jot down the improvements that need to be made before selling your home.

Look at the roof. Unless your roof is leaking, it’s easy to forget about it, but it contributes a lot to curb appeal. Is it streaked or are there any shingles missing? Make sure the gutters are securely attached and that there are no tree branches that have fallen on your roof and gone undetected.

It’s not just a number. Your house number is a distinctive part of your home’s presentation. If yours are dull when they should be shiny, or they don’t match the style of the home, take time to put up new ones. They’ll go a long way in creating a complete look for your house.

Get a second opinion. Do you know that awful feeling when you’re hosting a dinner party and you suddenly spot cobwebs in three of your four living room ceiling corners? That’s a minor embarrassment; when it’s time for your open house, these kinds of things can cost you a sale. Have your most critical, style-savvy friend (everyone has one of these, right?) walk around your home and tell you what they see.

If you don’t have that friend, call on Dani Beyer Real Estate. We’re here to help you make the most of your curb appeal. It’s easy for homeowners to stop seeing their home and get used to the spot where their front porch railing is loose or the mailbox that never quite stays closed.

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