When we come home from a long day, we want to enter a place where we feel at peace. We want to be surrounded by the things that make us happy, that appeal to our senses and function in a way that’s best for our family. But, what do you do if you aren’t too savvy with interior design or don’t know where to start? You aren’t alone!

It’s not uncommon for homeowners or sellers to struggle with creating an appealing design style. Kansas City real estate agents give their insights regarding what interior design trends we’ll see in 2021. 

Sellers, pay close attention because some of these trends could help improve your home appraisal!

Grand-millenial (granny chic)

A few decades ago, shabby chic was all the rage. Homes with this style felt homey, cozy and even on the feminine side. Fast forward to 2021, shabby chic has received a bit of an upgrade and it’s called grand-millennial design.

Similar to shabby chic, the grand-millennial design gives us that homey, grandma feel but with a modern flair. This design style combines older designs styles (like wicker or rattan furniture, for example) with fabrics in bold colors or designs. Also, accessories with frills or needle-point will add to the grandma feel.  

Of course, you can always look for wood furniture stained with either walnut, mahogany or cherry stains or you can add metal accents, such as furniture hardware, light fixtures or knick knacks. 

Calming color palettes

Color is one of the greatest ways we can express ourselves and add some life to an otherwise blank canvas. However, if you’re looking to sell your home, consider choosing warm earth-tones to add warmth and coziness to your space. If you need color in your life, deeper colors like camel, burnt orange and olive green are great choices, as are ocean-inspired color palettes.

Bathrooms that rival spas

Updating a bathroom has always been a popular design trend among homeowners because it’s a great way to add value to your home and get a space where you can unwind. According to HomeLight’s Q4 2020 survey, 64% of buyers love bathrooms with double-sink vanities, 36% are drawn to rainshower heads and 29% find artisan tile work alluring. Some other bathroom features that’ll turn your bathroom into a rival of the local spa include heated floors, surround sound, upgraded toilets and dual shower heads. 

Rooms with doors

Didn’t it seem like every home improvement show was ripping down all of the walls separating the living spaces? Well, those days are over. Sure, there are folks who still like open floor plans, but real estate agents believe folks are going to be stepping away from open spaces and want doors and walls! 

Why the shift? The pandemic has forced people to stay home and after a year of seclusion and social distancing, people crave privacy. Not only do they crave privacy for personal reasons, they want a quiet place where they can do work or study without disruptions.

High quality materials and furnishings

It can be hard to pass up a good deal when you’re on the hunt for new furniture or things for the house. Who doesn’t love to save a bit of money? The problem with buying things for cheap is that you’re probably going to have to replace the item within a few years or so because it’s not of high quality.

Homeowners are resisting the urge to buy cheaply made products and are investing in high-quality furnishings and materials. Not only will the higher-quality items last longer, but when you’re using high-quality materials when renovating, home appraisers will take that into consideration and your home could be worth more than you thought!

If you’re looking for a an interior design referral or are ready to get your home staged to sell (a cost we cover if you list your home with us!), contact one of our listing specialists today!

Image by Ferenc Keresi from Pixabay
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