Kansas City Realtor, Dani BeyerWe all know a real estate agent, right? It’s your uncle or sister or best friend’s cousin. And you may even refer people to that agent because you know them or have a connection, but haven’t actually worked with them. When it comes down to it, don’t you want a Kansas City realtor that you can trust? Not just someone you can trust but depend on to have your best interest in mind – meet Dani Beyer.

A Little Background

Dani Beyer has been in the real estate game since 2004. Yes, she even lasted through the housing crisis of 2008. There are plenty of realtors that get into it thinking they won’t have to work too hard to start making a buck, but Dani could tell you stories of how that just isn’t the case.

But let’s go back even further. Before 2004, Dani was putting her Computer Science degree to good use in the corporate world, working for a world-renown, Kansas City-based health technology company. But you know when something just isn’t doing it for you? Yeah, that happened. Dani decided that she wanted to work overtime for herself, not someone else.

But why did she choose real estate over another venture? Right after she bought her first home, she decided to get licensed because she loved the process so much! Though some may think computer science and real estate have nothing in common, oh contraire. Let’s refresh our memory of what was going on in 2004 from a technology perspective. 

  • Facebook was birthed. Not the first ever social media platform, but certainly the one that has made the largest impact in the last 17 years. (And it happens to be a key marketing tool the Dani Beyer Real Estate team uses to market homes.)
  • Bluetooth, the future of wireless. Now think about how often agents utilize bluetooth: in their cars so they can safely speak with clients hands-free, to transfer file documents between devices, to voice text and even unlock key boxes now!
  • Skype! Before there was FaceTime and Zoom and GoToMeeting, there was Skype! It paved the way for video chatting, and we never used video chat more than we did in 2020. Dani Beyer Real Estate has sold homes from buyers just seeing the home over FaceTime; we’ve held meetings with clients and vendors over Zoom; and we truly depend on this technology.
  • Blogging. Though not brand new in 2004, this was the year blogging was gaining real traction and respect. To say that it’s still relevant, well, you’re reading one now aren’t you? Content is everywhere at your fingertips in the form of blogs and it’s a great way we’ve been able to showcase our expertise on the topic of real estate and provide information for people to research so they can make informed decisions.
  • Cell phone innovations. In 2004, phones were getting sleeker, had cameras and color added to them and started to become more of what we now know as “smart phones.” Need we discuss the importance of cell phones and real estate? We didn’t think so. It’s a given.

So now that we (er, some of us oldies) have walked down memory lane, just think about how Dani Beyer’s background stood to benefit her in 2004. And really, all of those technology advancements stood to benefit all of the real estate market and realtors, but not many jumped on utilizing their benefits for many more years to come.

Not that smart Kansas City realtor, Dani Beyer! She quickly saw how these advancements could be implemented into her marketing processes, her transaction processes and her own internal processes to help streamline things and create efficiencies and conveniences for everyone involved. 

Where She is Now

Almost two decades later, Dani has not only survived tough housing markets and the challenges of becoming a new real estate agent, she has thrived.

At any one moment in the Kansas City Metro real estate market, there are between 12,000-16,000 agents vying for your attention and business. That’s a lot of noise to stand out among. 

However, throughout all of that market distraction, Dani has kept her focus on the goal and because of that has built an incredible client and referral base that makes up a large percentage of her business. Just check her Google, Zillow and social media reviews. You’ll see 5 stars and rave reviews all over the place.

On top of that, she’s built up a team of some incredibly hard-working women. Right now, there are seven agents on the team, three support staff and they’re growing! In the past five years alone, the Dani Beyer Real Estate team has ranked in the top 10-20 of all those thousands of real estate agents we mentioned before, and within her brokerage, Keller Williams, she’s been in the top five teams. 


The decision that Dani Beyer made all of those years ago to work for herself has paid off year after year as she has made an investment in the Kansas City community. It’s not only been an investment in her buyers and sellers, but through charitable support in organizations like Harvesters, through real estate investments of her own and through the investment she makes in her staff on a daily basis.

She and the whole Dani Beyer Real Estate team love what they do, if you haven’t already gathered that from this post! As a client, your success and happiness is theirs, too. So if you need a Kansas City realtor to help you navigate another crazy real estate market, please reach out to the Dani Beyer Real Estate team!

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